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> The popular step-down converter with MP2315 from aliexpress was replaced by a fake chip. Check your inventory to see if you have it at home too. It can damage your equipment. How to recognize it?
> 10 blinking kits for you and your children which you can solder during christmas days
> Measure the CO2 with CozIR-LP sensor and ESP32
> Soldering pen for Weller tips - tindie
> New version of Wi-Fi module (v1.1) for IoT platform called BigClown
> TTGO T-Call - development board with ESP32, GPRS module SIM800L and USB-C
> ESP32-S2 single core processor with 240 MHz and Wi-Fi connectivity (without Bluetooth)
> Power Shield 6plu6 T800 for Arduino (Nano, Uno, Mega) for controling of power devices
> STMicroelectronics released the first microprocessor with Cortex-A7 and Cortex-M4, real pictures in this news
> TerraDome - tropical greenhouse with Arduino controling
> Comparison of 21 microcontrollers with price lower than 1 USD
> 7 new modules with ESP32 on Olimex store
> BigClown "Sensor adapter" versatile expansion board for sensors from ebay and aliexpress
> U/I power supply controllable from PC
> STM32G0 - a new line of STM32 microcontrollers
> New modules for BigClown IoT platform - GPS and Infra Grid
> Arduino Pro LoRa Gateway with SX1301 chipset for 350 Euro
> WiFi module for BigClown IoT platform
> GNSS module by STMicroelectronics - GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou
> Olimex ESP32 DevKit LiPo with LiPo charger for 10 USD
> Adapter for STM32 programmators and development boards
> ESP32-POE - WiFi/BLE/Ethernet development board by Olimex
> Fish32 by AnalogLamb - Education board with ESP32
> BigClown - a new Core module
> LoRa Stik - connect your RaspberryPi to IoT network
> Sony Spresense - development board with GPS, Glonass and camera interface
> BigClown VOC TAG
> Really small ESP32 PICO D4 module for 4.70 USD
> Update: Interesting sensors for your weather station
> Maple ESP32 Mini - small development board with ESP32 PICO D4
> Development boards for CH55x microcontrollers
> Turris MOX - modular and open-source router
> Gravity platform by DFRobot.com
> Particle Mesh - WiFi, LTE, BLE, Mesh
> BPI-Webduino:bit - Micro:Bit by SinoVoip
> BigClown - Indiegogo campaign
> PMOD HAT for Raspberry Pi
> UPDATED: Interesting sensors for your weather station
> About ESP32 and the FireBeetle development board.
> Small power supply board with 3.3V/3A
> Docking Hub for Raspberry Pi Zero
> Interesting sensors for your meteostation
> WisLTE - LTE Arduino shield (NB-IoT) for 39.00 USD
> ESP32-PICO-KIT for 10 USD
> ESP32 PICO D4 development board with 4MB FLASH for 8.50 USD
> Very small DC/DC converter 5V up to 1A
> Bolt IoT platform
> The board for meteostation with ESP12E module (ESP8266, NodeMCU)
> CH340E - USB-UART converter for 0.99USD
> SinoVoip - BPI LoRa
> ESP32 (REV1) board by WEMOS - LoLin32 Lite
> UPDATED: ESP32-PICO-D4 (new pictures)
> ESP32-PRO - IoT board with 4MB RAM and FLASH and external crypto unit
> Useful ESP32 modul for $8 and shields for that
> M5Stack Core - ESP32
> UPDATED: Olimex ESP32-EVB - ESP32, CAN, Ethernet and ES32-GATEWAY
> ESP32 universal dev board by RobotikaBrno (CZE)
> ESP32 and battery holder, TTgo Uno ESP32
> Espruino WiFi - $34.95
> Freematics - ESPRIT - ESP32 dev board
> Adafruit development board with ESP32 - HUZZAH32 for $19.95
> CREATOR PRO - Ameba RTL8711 WiFI board for $8.80
> Other ESP32 development board - Whitecat ESP32 N1 board
> Logic analyzer - Saleae clone
> Particle: RedBear Duo (Wi-Fi + BLE)
> Wemos with ESP32 - LoLin32
> LEDUNIA - WiFi IoT development board
> Hornbill - ESP32 development platform
> UPDATED: Sinovoip (BananaPi) released NB-IoT module
> Kickstarter: FluoWiFi (ATmega644p and ESP32) and M2 Macchina
> Comparison of Raspberry Pi cameras
> ESP-WROVER-KIT - development board with ESP32
> FiPy - next kickstarter project by pycom
> ATtiny417 / ATtiny814 / ATtiny816 / ATtiny817
> CHIP Pro
> WiLoader - WiFi programmer for Arduino (AVR)
> Time-of-Flight shield for Nucleo64 (photogallery)
> WiPy 2.0 - IoT development board with ESP32
> SiPy - Sigfox, WiFi, BLE
> ESP32 - first release of datasheet of module
> RTL8710 - Alternative to ESP8266
> Videos about Onion Omega
> Omega2: $5 IoT Computer with Wi-Fi, powered by Linux
> Banana Pi BPI-M64, quad core 64bit, 2GB DDR3, 8GB eMMC
> Fireduino: Dual-core Arduino board
> Aeroscope: Wireless Oscilloscope Probe
> BigClown - IoT modular system with cryptographic unit
> PHOTOGALLERY: STM32F7-discovery - STM32F769 with display and ESP8266 supported
> STMicroelectronics and Arduino - Arduino? STAR OTTO board
> PHOTO GALLERY: STEVAL-WESU1 - wearable sensor unit
> LoRaONE: the LoRa? IoT development board
> Intel? Quark? Microcontroller Developer Kit D2000
> WiFi for Raspberry Pi (ESP8266)
> I-SEN1 - platform for Xbee with temperature, pressure, humidity and light sensor
> MetaWear - multi sensor board for #wearable with BLE
> Atmel ultra-low power platform for IoT and wearable devices
> Wyzbee? - IoT platform
> Wio Link and RedBear Duo - kickstarter.com
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