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The popular czech IoT platform called BigClown released a new sensor (TAG). TAG called VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), it is a new TAG, now you can buy also humidity, temperature, light intensity and NFC.

The TAG is based on SGP30 by Sensirion company.
The measurement range is from 0 to 60 000 ppb (part per billion). The sensor communicates through I2C bus and the power supply is from 1.9V up to 6.5V. The dimension of board is 16x16mm.

Tak m??ete zakoupit you can buy it here for 22.50 USD.

If you buy it, check this detailed documentation which is available here.

Check these articles before you will play with that:
Christmas with BigClown - The first settings and review of modules
Christmas with BigClown - temperature/humidity/light intensity, uploading of code through UART, TAGs
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