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Raspberry Pi 2, Windows 10 IoT
UP - single-board computer with Intel Atom X5 - Z8300
Wio Link and RedBear Duo -
Wyzbee™ - IoT platform
Atmel ultra-low power platform for IoT and wearable devices
10 best IOT Software Platforms
I-SEN1 - platform for Xbee with temperature, pressure, humidity and light sensor
LoRaONE: the LoRa® IoT development board
BigClown - IoT modular system with cryptographic unit
Omega2: $5 IoT Computer with Wi-Fi, powered by Linux
RTL8710 - Alternative to ESP8266
SiPy - Sigfox, WiFi, BLE
STM32 and LoRa™ (photogallery)
Marvell ESPRESSOBin - gigabit ethernet, USB3.0, SATA
Codebender for ESP32/ESP8266 - kickstarter campaign
ESLOV - IoT kit
VoCore2 - 128 MB DDR2, 16 MB FLASH, WiFi
UP² (UP Squared) - dual/quad core, up to 8 GB LPDDR4, up to 128 GB eMMC
Raspberry Pi IoT Shield Family on Kickstarter
FiPy - next kickstarter project by pycom
2016: stats of news, articles and videos
UPDATED: ORANGE PI 2G-IOT - with SIM and WiFi/Bluetooth for $9.9
IQRF Summit 2017
Kickstarter: FluoWiFi (ATmega644p and ESP32) and M2 Macchina
Register for the IQRF Summit 2017 – early birds prices available until the end of March only!
Photogallery: STM32L072 and LoRa Discovery
Ultimate security of wireless networks is coming with the new IQRF OS v4.00
UPDATED: Sinovoip (BananaPi) released NB-IoT module
STM32L4 and IoT development board
LEDUNIA - WiFi IoT development board
Arduino MKRFOX1200 - Sigfox IoT
Introduction of developers projects at the IQRF Summit 2017
ESP32 and Arduino IDE
Other ESP32 development board - Whitecat ESP32 N1 board
UPDATED: Banana Pi NB-IoT development board - use like arduino
CREATOR PRO - Ameba RTL8711 WiFI board for $8.80
WIDO - Arduino Leonardo compatible WiFi board
Arduino LoRa shields - node and gateway
UPDATED: Olimex ESP32-EVB - ESP32, CAN, Ethernet and ES32-GATEWAY
PHOTO GALLERY: STM32L4 IoT development board
Up Core - X86 quad-core, kickstarter campaign
2 tutorials with ESP8266 - WiFi expander/repeater and temp/hum sensor DHT11
The IQRF Summit 2017 witnessed real IoT applications
ESP32-PRO - IoT board with 4MB RAM and FLASH and external crypto unit
ESP32 and Arduino IDE
WIDO - Arduino Leonardo compatible WiFi board