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40 projects with Arduino
Raspberry Pi + Arduino = RaspiDuinoRover
STM32 MCU Nucleo
Arduino Based Security System using GSM & PIR Sensor
DIY Temperature & Humidity & Smoke Detector Alarm System Based on Arduino
Nucleo STM32L476 - high performance and low-power consumption
Graphical programming of Arduino
Raspberry Pi + Arduino + Bluetooth 4.0 + WiFi + Accelerometer + Magnetometer + Digital Gyroscope = UDOO NEO
STM32F746 Discovery
STM32F469I-DISCO before release
Arduino Weather Station
PROGRAMINO - IDE for Arduino
One sentence
Wio Link and RedBear Duo -
Arduino Tian -
50 interesting boards you’ll want to know about from 2015- Atmel, Arduino, SAM
LattePanda - Windows 10, Arduino microcontroller, Quad core, 2/4GB RAM, 32/64GB eMMC, BlueTooth 4.0, WiFi, USB3.0
STM32 Nucleo-144 (version with STM32F746ZG)
OpenRex: Open-Source Freescale i.MX6 Development Board With Arduino & Raspberry Pi Like Headers
Arduino M0 and Arduino M0 Pro
Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller Developer Kit D2000
SUPEROLED8 - development board with ATMega32U4 and OLED display
Arduino Nano: Log GPS Information to MicroSD Card With Visuino
STMicroelectronics and Arduino - Arduino™ STAR OTTO board
Arduino Create - IoT, cloud, web
PHOTOGALLERY: STM32F7-discovery - STM32F769 with display and ESP8266 supported
Fireduino: Dual-core Arduino board
Omega2: $5 IoT Computer with Wi-Fi, powered by Linux
RTL8710 - Alternative to ESP8266
Teensy 3.5 & 3.6
Codebender for ESP32/ESP8266 - kickstarter campaign
ESLOV - IoT kit
Time-of-Flight shield for Nucleo64 (photogallery)
Arduino in Eclipse IDE - Sloeber
WiLoader - WiFi programmer for Arduino (AVR)
ESP32 is supported in Arduino IDE
Codebender ends - Online IDE for Arduino
Programino IDE beta
CODINO - Alternative to Arduino IDE
Badgerboard - Arduino compatible LoRa® board
2016: stats of news, articles and videos
ESP32 and Arduino IDE - tutorial
Arduino STAR OTTO - photogallery
Kickstarter: FluoWiFi (ATmega644p and ESP32) and M2 Macchina
Photogallery: STM32L072 and LoRa Discovery
STM32 core is supported in Arduino IDE
Ultimate security of wireless networks is coming with the new IQRF OS v4.00
UPDATED: Sinovoip (BananaPi) released NB-IoT module
Arduino STAR OTTO - first setting and how to upload code
Mobillyo: Arduino + BLE + solar panel
STM32L4 and IoT development board
LEDUNIA - WiFi IoT development board
Arduino MKRFOX1200 - Sigfox IoT
Uno Dock v2.0 for NanoPi NEO/Air/NEO2
ESP32 and Arduino IDE
UPDATED: Banana Pi NB-IoT development board - use like arduino
CREATOR PRO - Ameba RTL8711 WiFI board for $8.80
Freematics - ESPRIT - ESP32 dev board
Espruino WiFi - $34.95
WIDO - Arduino Leonardo compatible WiFi board
Arduino LoRa shields - node and gateway
ESP32 and battery holder, TTgo Uno ESP32
ESP32 universal dev board by RobotikaBrno (CZE)
UPDATED: Olimex ESP32-EVB - ESP32, CAN, Ethernet and ES32-GATEWAY
M5Stack Core - ESP32
PICO: the smallest Arduino board (0.6x0.6")
Arduino MKR WAN 1300 and MRK GSM 1400
Dreamer Nano v4.1
SinoVoip - BPI LoRa
Atom X1 - really small board with SAMD21
CH340E - USB-UART converter for 0.99USD
My experience with WiDo WIFI node
Very small DC/DC converter 5V up to 1A
Pmods – how to get started?
LattePanda Alpha and Delta with Windows 10 Pro
WisLTE - LTE Arduino shield (NB-IoT) for 39.00 USD
Meduino Mega2560 Pro Mini
Programmer of ATtiny4/5/9/10/20/40 from Arduino board stats for 2017
Small power supply board with 3.3V/3A
About ESP32 and the FireBeetle development board.
BPI-Webduino:bit - Micro:Bit by SinoVoip
Gravity platform by
Eagleye 530s single board computer with 1GB RAM, Gigabit ethernet, WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n and 4GB FLASH
IoT development pack - Sensor board and Gateway with STM32
STM32duino I. - How to start with STM32 like Arduino
Photogallery: STM32 discovery board and LTE module
ATMega328P clone - LGT8F328P by LogicGreen and development boards
Micro Soldering Station
STM32duino II. - control GPIO
STM32duino III. - How to use Serial (USART)
Development boards for CH55x microcontrollers
Really small ESP32 PICO D4 module for 4.70 USD
Two new Arduino boards are comming - Uno WiFi Rev. 2 and Vidor 4000 with FPGA
Original Arduino board with ESP32 (MKR WiFi 1010) and board for NB-IoT (MKR NB 1500)
A New version of "Tasker for Arduino"
Sony Spresense - development board with GPS, Glonass and camera interface
Create your own robot based on Arduino
19 development boards to 30£ from manufacturer
STM32F746 discovery and AC6 (System Workbench for STM32)
How to begin with STM32 and why - tutorial
NodeMCU (ESP8266, ESP-12) + SHT75 + TMEP.CZ = Arduino meteostation
Maple Mini uploader v0.1
ESP12E (NodeMCU, ESP8266) + Si7021
Arduino STAR OTTO - first setting and how to upload code
ESP32 and Arduino IDE
WIDO - Arduino Leonardo compatible WiFi board
ESP32, SunDuino and temperature/humidity sensor Si7021 (HTU21)
ESP32, SunDuino - temperature/humidity Si7021 sensor and OLED 128x64px (I2C)
The board for weather station (meteostation) with ESP12E module (ESP8266, NodeMCU)
STM32 development boards to $5 (ebay and aliexpress)
My experience with WiDo WIFI node
Pmods – how to get started?
Interesting sensors for your weather station
Christmas with BigClown - The first settings and review of modules
About ESP32 and the FireBeetle development board.
STM32duino I. - How to start with STM32 like Arduino
Online C compiler and debugger - how to speed up the development of your C code
STM32duino II. - control GPIO
STM32duino III. - How to use Serial (USART)
IoD-09 ... Internet of Displays for everyone
STM32duino IV. - Read temperature and humidity from Si7021 (I2C bus)
Development board with STM32F030F4P6 and programming (CubeMX and AC6)