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Category: Arduino
Number of Items: 33
» Dreamer Nano v4.1
» Arduino MKR WAN 1300 and MRK GSM 1400
» Meteostation board with ESP8266 - a new firmware
» The board for meteostation with ESP12E module (ESP8266, NodeMCU)
» PICO: the smallest Arduino board (0.6x0.6")
» Arduino LoRa shields - node and gateway
» WIDO - Arduino Leonardo compatible WiFi board
» UPDATED: Banana Pi NB-IoT development board - use like arduino
» Arduino MKRFOX1200 - Sigfox IoT
» Mobillyo: Arduino + BLE + solar panel

Category: Hardware
Number of Items: 48
» ESP32 (REV1) board by WEMOS - LoLin32 Lite
» UPDATED: ESP32-PICO-D4 (new pictures)
» ESP32-PRO - IoT board with 4MB RAM and FLASH and external crypto unit
» Useful ESP32 modul for $8 and shields for that
» M5Stack Core - ESP32
» UPDATED: Olimex ESP32-EVB - ESP32, CAN, Ethernet and ES32-GATEWAY
» ESP32 universal dev board by RobotikaBrno (CZE)
» ESP32 and battery holder, TTgo Uno ESP32
» Espruino WiFi - $34.95
» Freematics - ESPRIT - ESP32 dev board

Category: Members
Number of Items: 4
» 2016: stats of news, articles and videos
» EasyEDA: A free cloud-based tool for schematic capture, PCB layout, and circuit simulation
» Website information
» TOP 10 the most read articles and news - 2015
MSP430 and MSP432

Category: MSP430 and MSP432
Number of Items: 4
» 8bit FFT spectral anylyzer with MSP430
» GPS tracker with MSP430
» Controlling a RC Car w/ Bluetooth Connection & Speech Recognition
» Watch with accelerometer

Category: News
Number of Items: 24
» Worldwide contest IQRF Wireless Challenge IV starts in October 2017
» The IQRF Summit 2017 witnessed real IoT applications
» ARM Computex 2017 Press Conference
» Introduction of developers projects at the IQRF Summit 2017
» Ultimate security of wireless networks is coming with the new IQRF OS v4.00
» Register for the IQRF Summit 2017 – early birds prices available until the end of March only!
» IQRF Summit 2017
» Autodesk: new version of Eagle
» UPDATED! Development of NodeMCU is stopped. OR NOT?!?
» ESP32 is supported in Arduino IDE
Another projects

Category: Another projects
Number of Items: 19
» Watering system with NodeMCU (ESP8266, ESP12E)
» 2 tutorials with ESP8266 - WiFi expander/repeater and temp/hum sensor DHT11
» Helpful tools for makers
» Tiny DDS generator
» Maple Mini uploader v0.1
» SUPEROLED8 - development board with ATMega32U4 and OLED display
» Very small voltmeter with ATTiny44A
» ScriptCommunicator - very good serial terminal for everyone
» AdaPilot - Open Source Safety Critical Autopilot Project
» Regulator of soldering station - ATMega8
single-board computers

Category: single-board computers
Number of Items: 92
» BananaPi W2 - 2x SATA, USB3.0, 2x Gbps ethernet, PCIE, eMMC
» Orange Pi 3 Plus is comming - Allwinner H6, Gigabit interface, USB 3.0, WiFi 2.4/5 GHz
» Banana Pi M2 Berry: SATA interface and speed test (dd, hdparm, rsync)
» NanoPi DUO - H2+, 512MB RAM, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
» Banana Pi M2 Berry: first start, iperf, sysbench and thermal imaging picture
» OrangePi R1 - two ethernet interfaces and H2+ processor
» OrangePi Zero Plus - Allwinner H5 (quad-core), 512 MB RAM, gigabit ethernet, WiFi
» Banana Pi M2 Berry - unboxing, boot, thermal imaging pictures
» BananaPi has own ZERO version of SBC
» NanoPi NEO Plus2: quad-core, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB eMMC, Gbps ethernet

Category: STM32
Number of Items: 28
» UPDATED: Nucleo 64: shield with sensor of CO
» STM32Cube Low-Layer API
» PHOTO GALLERY: STM32L4 IoT development board
» STM32L4 and IoT development board
» Arduino STAR OTTO - first setting and how to upload code
» Photogallery: STM32L496 Discovery board
» Photogallery: STM32F413 Discovery board
» STM32 core is supported in Arduino IDE
» Photogallery: STM32F723 and STMod+ connector
» Photogallery: STM32L072 and LoRa Discovery

Category: Tutorials
Number of Items: 9
» ESP32, SunDuino - temperature/humidity Si7021 sensor and OLED 128x64px (I2C)
» Tutorial: how to use MicroPython (uPython) on ESP32
» ESP32, SunDuino and temperature/humidity sensor Si7021 (HTU21)
» ESP32 and Arduino IDE
» ESP32 and Arduino IDE - tutorial
» Orange Pi Zero - about it and first boot
» Etching of PCB - faster, cheaper, safer
» Altium - video tutorials
» Heatless (cold) Toner Transfer for PCB making