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Category: Arduino
Number of Items: 39
» Original Arduino board with ESP32 (MKR WiFi 1010) and board for NB-IoT (MKR NB 1500)
» Two new Arduino boards are comming - Uno WiFi Rev. 2 and Vidor 4000 with FPGA
» Programmer of ATtiny4/5/9/10/20/40 from Arduino board
» Meduino Mega2560 Pro Mini
» My experience with WiDo WIFI node
» Atom X1 - really small board with SAMD21
» Dreamer Nano v4.1
» Arduino MKR WAN 1300 and MRK GSM 1400
» Meteostation board with ESP8266 - a new firmware
» The board for meteostation with ESP12E module (ESP8266, NodeMCU)

Category: Hardware
Number of Items: 71
» Really small ESP32 PICO D4 module for 4.70 USD
» Update: Interesting sensors for your weather station
» Maple ESP32 Mini - small development board with ESP32 PICO D4
» Development boards for CH55x microcontrollers
» Turris MOX - modular and open-source router
» Gravity platform by
» Particle Mesh - WiFi, LTE, BLE, Mesh
» BPI-Webduino:bit - Micro:Bit by SinoVoip
» BigClown - Indiegogo campaign
» PMOD HAT for Raspberry Pi

Category: Members
Number of Items: 4
» 2016: stats of news, articles and videos
» EasyEDA: A free cloud-based tool for schematic capture, PCB layout, and circuit simulation
» Website information
» TOP 10 the most read articles and news - 2015
MSP430 and MSP432

Category: MSP430 and MSP432
Number of Items: 4
» 8bit FFT spectral anylyzer with MSP430
» GPS tracker with MSP430
» Controlling a RC Car w/ Bluetooth Connection & Speech Recognition
» Watch with accelerometer

Category: News
Number of Items: 64
» Weller soldering station for less than 150 Euro?
» Gold medal for silver for Marquardt
» CanSat HATALOM - the winner of czech national round of CanSat competition (ESA)
» IQRF Wireless Challenge IV - Results
» 16grams, 25x25x16mm, 3Watt – this is the Myrra 48000
» IQRF Summit 2018
» TechNexion TEP – robust and powerful Panel PCs
» IoD-09 ... Internet of Displays for everyone
» Eagle 9 - a new release of Eagle with amazing features
» Welcome to the 3D FLASH Memory World
Another projects

Category: Another projects
Number of Items: 20
» LoRa RAK 811 GPS tracker
» Watering system with NodeMCU (ESP8266, ESP12E)
» 2 tutorials with ESP8266 - WiFi expander/repeater and temp/hum sensor DHT11
» Helpful tools for makers
» Tiny DDS generator
» Maple Mini uploader v0.1
» SUPEROLED8 - development board with ATMega32U4 and OLED display
» Very small voltmeter with ATTiny44A
» ScriptCommunicator - very good serial terminal for everyone
» AdaPilot - Open Source Safety Critical Autopilot Project
single-board computers

Category: single-board computers
Number of Items: 107
» SUSE Linux and RaspberryPi
» BananaPi W2 - 2x SATA, USB3.0, 2x Gbps ethernet, PCIE, eMMC
» Raspberry Pi 3B Plus - speed test of ethernet, WiFi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz through iperf
» Raspberry Pi 3B Plus - Thermal images, CPU benchmark, current consumption, comparison with RPi 3B
» UPDATED: Orange Pi 4G-IoT LTE is available on aliexpress for 45 USD
» UPDATED: PoE HAT, Raspberry Pi 3B+ for 35 USD.
» Eagleye 530s single board computer with 1GB RAM, Gigabit ethernet, WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n and 4GB FLASH
» Odroid-N1 - single-board computer with Rockchip RK3399
» Orange Pi RK3399 - Six Core, GPU Mali-T860 Quad Core, 2GB RAM, WiFi 2.4/5GHz, USB 3.0 for 109 USD
» OrangePi Lite2 - Allwinner H6 with USB 3.0 and WiFi 802.11 ac

Category: STM32
Number of Items: 37
» STM32duino II. - control GPIO
» Photogallery: STM32 discovery board and LTE module
» STM32duino I. - How to start with STM32 like Arduino
» IoT development pack - Sensor board and Gateway with STM32
» STM32WB - Dual-Core with Cortex-M and interface for Bluetooth 5, ZigBee, MiWi and more
» STM32 CubeProgrammer
» UPDATED: STM32L4 Plus - pictures of discovery board
» STM32L4 Plus (STM32L4+) lower power consumption, more power
» STM32 development boards to $5 (ebay and aliexpress)
» UPDATED: Nucleo 64: shield with sensor of CO

Category: Tutorials
Number of Items: 16
» Update: Eagle tips and tricks
» STM32duino IV. - Read temperature and humidity from Si7021 (I2C bus)
» STM32duino III. - How to use Serial (USART)
» Online C compiler and debugger - how to speed up the development of your C code
» Christmas with BigClown - temperature/humidity/light intensity/pressure, uploading of code through UART, TAGs
» Christmas with BigClown - The first settings and review of modules
» Bolt IoT - first example and settings
» ESP32, SunDuino - temperature/humidity Si7021 sensor and OLED 128x64px (I2C)
» Tutorial: how to use MicroPython (uPython) on ESP32
» ESP32, SunDuino and temperature/humidity sensor Si7021 (HTU21)
3D printing

Category: 3D printing
Number of Items: 1
» 3D Cases for you own NAS or Media centre - Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, Banana Pi
None-Categorised News
Number of Items: 1
» NODE32pico - small development board with ESP32 PICO D4