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New version of Wi-Fi module (v1.1) for IoT platform called BigClown
Wi-Fi module is used for Wi-Fi connection with your server and sending/receiving data with BigClown IoT platform. Wi-Fi connectivity is missing in the offer of BigClown. If you use Wi-Fi module and Wi-Fi connectivity is enough for your project, you can use Core module without Radio and save 10 euros.

BigClown "Sensor adapter" versatile expansion board for sensors from ebay and aliexpress
BigClown, popular IoT platform, offers a lot of TAGs (board with sensor) and modules, but I still had missed versatile board for connection of cheap sensors from ebay and aliexpress - e.g. BMP280, Si7021 or SHT31.

WiFi module for BigClown IoT platform
BigClown offers a lot interesting modules which you can use, but I missed WiFi connectivity - you can order module for IoT network like LoRa and Sigfox. On the other side, this missing interface makes sense. WiFi connectivity is not low-power concept. I accepted the higher power consumption and I designed WiFi module with popular ESP8266 IC. You can use three types of module - ESP07, ESP08 and ESP12E.

Christmas with BigClown - temperature/humidity/light intensity/pressure, uploading of code through UART, TAGs
Hello and welcome to the next BigClown tutorial. What can you expect in this article? I show you what are TAGs, how to upload the code to Core module through UART and also examples for measurement of temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and light intensity. All values will be showed on LCD module.

Christmas with BigClown - The first settings and review of modules
Welcome to a new tutorial about BigClown platform. The series of articles should be describe the work with the boards and modules of BigClown platform. I want to start slowly, at first I describe a few interesting modules and than I show you how to set your BigClown board and operating system. We start with Windows OS and Linux Mint. At the end of this article is written a few sentences regarding the concept of BigClown, mainly the price.