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STM32duino IV. - Read temperature and humidity from Si7021 (I2C bus)
The fourth part of STM32duino tutorial we will check the I2C bus. We connect the temperature and humidity sensor Si7021 to default I2C and also to alternative connection of I2C bus.

STM32duino III. - How to use Serial (USART)
Welcome to third part of STM32duino tutorial. What do you expect? We check the most popular microcontroller interface - USART, called Serial in Arduino IDE. The STM32 microcontrollers includes a few USART buses. The feature of STM32 is possibility to change of USART connection.

STM32duino II. - control GPIO
The first article about STM32duino described "How to start with STM32 like Arduino. The second article of tutorial describes how to control GPIO - digital input, output and also PWM output.

STM32duino I. - How to start with STM32 like Arduino
Arduino is very popular platform with support from huge community. You can buy a lot of Arduino (compatible) boards - original Arduino, clone of Arduino with the same microcontroller (ATmega328, SAMD21) or different microcontroller (ESP32, ESP8266). Arduino board with STM32 microcontroller belongs to the Arduino compatible boards with different microcontrollers.