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Raspberry Pi 3B Plus - Thermal images, CPU benchmark, current consumption, comparison with RPi 3BPrint

This article shows you a new single-board computer Raspberry Pi 3B Plus and the comparison with previous version 3B.
In this article you see - Pictures from thermal imaging camera, current consumption in three modes - Boot (from plug in up to log in), Idle (after log in), Benchmark (during CPU test) and also CPU benchmark (sysbench).

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Raspberry Pi 3B Plus - Thermal images, CPU benchmark, current consumption, comparison with RPi 3B
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Some poeple write that the improvement between RaspberryPi 3B and 3B Plus is not so significant.
If you check the specs of 3B+ you find a new WiFi module which support 2.4GHz and 5GHz (802.11ac) and Bluetooth 4.2, support of gigabit ethernet (max 300 mbps through USB 2.0 bridge), PoE support (with PoE HAT) and also clock increasing of CPU (@ 1.4 GHz).
And what are another improvements which are not see at first sight?
Did you find some mistake? Write me on info[at]time4ee[dot]com

Current consumption
Here is table with current consumption in a few modes - Boot, Idle and Benchmark - and comparison with 3B and Zero W.
All RPis have the same conditions (ambient temperature, microSD card, OS, and another.)

CPU benchmark (sysbench)
Next table shows values from CPU benchmark. Lower value is better.

Pictures from thermal imaging camera
At the end of this article, here are pictures from thermal imaging camera. CPU are without heatsink.
The process of measurement - turn on the RPi -> log in -> run the CPU benchmark (sysbench) -> take a picture.
As you can see, the cooling of RPi 3B Plus is better than previous version 3B.
Thanks pimoroni for your help.

When the RPi 3B Plus is turned on longer time, the board and metal cover on CPU heat up and then you see similar temperature which measures internal temperature sensor.

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