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Articles: Raspberry Pi, Cubieboard, Banana Pi, BeagleBone, Orange Pi

RockPi 4B - speedtest (2.4GHz, 5GHz, ethernet) and sysbench benchmark
We received single-board computer RockPi 4B with accesories - eMMC module, power supply, case and PoE module. We wrote about RockPi 4 in this news.

Raspberry Pi 3B Plus - Speed test of ethernet, WiFi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz through iperf
The first article about Raspberry Pi 3B Plus described CPU benchmark, current consumption and also showed pictures from thermal imaging camera. Now, this article describes speed test of ethernet, WiFi 2.4 and 5 GHz. The developers which are in touch with development of Raspberry Pi 3B+ declare the speed through ethernet up to 300 Mbps, but the ethernet connection is still through USB 2.0 converter. Is it real speed? The Raspberry Pi 3B Plus board includes also WiFi module which supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 and 5 GHz). What is the speed of WiFi?

Raspberry Pi 3B Plus - Thermal images, CPU benchmark, current consumption, comparison with RPi 3B
This article shows you a new single-board computer Raspberry Pi 3B Plus and the comparison with previous version 3B. In this article you see - Pictures from thermal imaging camera, current consumption in three modes - Boot (from plug in up to log in), Idle (after log in), Benchmark (during CPU test) and also CPU benchmark (sysbench).

Banana Pi M2 Berry: Your cloud service on your server - nextcloud
Cloud services are very popular and the offer is big. Not all your data you want to save on thirt-party servers. So, then you can use own cloud service on your server. This tutorial will be working on Banana Pi M2 Berry (SBC with SATA interface), but the tutorial is the same for another SBC like Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi or Nano Pi. I used this tutorial which I modified for my setting.

Banana Pi M2 Berry: SATA interface and speed test (dd, hdparm, rsync)
Other articles about single-board computer called Banana Pi M2 Berry by SinoVoip. In this article, we check SATA connection and we test the speed of communication.

Banana Pi M2 Berry: first start, iperf, sysbench and thermal imaging picture
The single-board computer called Banana Pi M2 Berry is other device by SinoVoip company. The interesting price $34 (with shipping $39.66 in my case) of Banana Pi M2 Berry looks like alternative to Raspberry Pi 3, Orange Pi Prime ?i Win Plus. What you can see in this article? Benchmark (sysbench), test of ethernet and WiFi connection (iperf) and picture from thermal imaging camera.

Orange Pi Zero - LED blinking, temperature measurement (I2C) and sending data through SPI, in Pythonu
In today article about Orange Pi Zero I want to show you how to blink of LED, measure the temperature by AD7415 sensor, which communicates through I2C and at the end we send some data to NRF24L01 through SPI. I have to write you, at the beginning, that NRF24L01 doesn't work, but Orange Pi Zero works fine by analyzer. The codes are written in pythonu.

Orange Pi Zero - other informations and expansion board
This article is short and brief. It is a few weeks after release Orange Pi Zero and so we can find other important informations about it. Then I show you one expansion board (shield).

Orange Pi Zero - speedtest of WiFi, ethernet and USB (armbian)
This Orange Pi Zero article will be about how to run WiFi (after boot) for OS armbian. What speed of WiFi and ethernet we can expect. I used speedtest for WiFi and ethernet. USB speed was measured for one big file and a few thousands small files.

Orange Pi Zero - power consumption, thermal imaging camera, benchmark
Well, here is another article about Orange Pi Zero. I would like to write these articles similar like for CHIP computer. So, in this article I write something about power consumption by Orange Pi Zero, what is temperature of Orange Pi Zero and at the end I show you results of benchmark sysbench.

Orange Pi Zero - about it and first boot
Maybe you heard about Orange Pi. The cheaper clone of Raspberry Pi, but do you know Orange Pi Zero? This version is no such "cut down" like Raspberry Pi Zero.

CHIP computer: I2C bus - AD7415 temperature sensor
CHIP computer contains I2C bus. You can connect a lot of sensors like temperature sensors, magnetometer, accelerometer. The sensors have to contain I2C bus of course. In this article, I show you how to do it.

CHIP computer: USB webcam - take a photo and make a video
We know the CHIP computer, we connected to WiFi, we used UART, we tried WiFi speed connection and USB flashdisc, we measured power consumption during the boot and after boot and we blinked with LED. Today, we use USB webcam. At first I wrote that's very easy and you can you use it for a Raspberry Pi Zero, a Raspberry Pi, a BeagleBone, an Odroid and another SBC's, where you use a debian or fork of the debian (an ubuntu, a minibian etc.). It's very simple.

CHIP computer: flashing OS, python, LED and blinking of LED after boot
We flash new OS, install the python and we will blink LED. And how do you know that CHIP computer is ready? The LED will blink.

CHIP computer: speed of USB, WiFi, current consumption and pictures from thermal imager
Another article about CHIP computer. In this article find speed of USB, WiFi, current consumption (during boot and after boot), log from boot pictures from thermal imager.