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Orange Pi Zero - other informations and expansion boardPrint

This article is short and brief. It is a few weeks after release Orange Pi Zero and so we can find other important informations about it. I show you one expansion board (shield).

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Orange Pi Zero - other informations and expansion board
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The website OSHLab shared article with one picture - very important picture. Pinout of Orange Pi Zero, I mean pinout of three headers which are on Orange Pi Zero.

As you can see, smaller header contains interface for USB 2.0, TV Out, microphone, output for for speaker and input for IR reciever.

Shield with these peripherals you can see on So, you can improve your Orange Pi Zero. You can use 2x USB 2.0 or connect it to TV through composite output.

The price of expansion board is almost $2 + $3.51 shipping.

Link to shop.

Another info about Orange Pi Zero you find on linux-sunxi.

There find "How to enable PoE" or you can download schematic of OPi Zero.
Zde naleznete nap??klad naleznete, jak zprovoznit PoE nebo si m??ete st?hnout sch?ma desky OrangePi Zero

Protective cases for Orange Pi Zero with and without expansion board.
Without expansion board (white).

With expansion board (black).
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