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Interesting sensors for your meteostation
Do you have any own meteostation? Check this article. Here is a short list of interesting sensors.

What kind of sensor do you use? Temperature, humidity ot pressure sensor? You can improve your meteostation.
Sensor of temperature, humidity, pressure, UV, light intensity, ...

A lot sensors from the list you can use for meteostation board which I designed. The meteostation board has 4 pin headers where is connected I2C and also it has one analog input. The is step-by-step tutorial how to set the meteostation board. The board contains WiFi module, so the data is sent through WiFi or you can connect OLED to this board.
Here si the article about meteostation board.

Pic. 1: The Si7021, temperature and humidity sensor

I like use this sensor, I wrote a few codes with this sensor.
The sensor communicates by I2C.
Link to ebay.

Pic. 2: The DHT22, temperature and humidity sensor

A lot of makers like this sensor, the DHT22. Tutorial, how to use this sensor.
Link to ebay.

Pic. 3: Rain drop detector

This detector is used for detection of rain. The board contains one analog output and alarm digital output. How to use it?
Link to ebay.

Pic. 4: Gas sensors

Measure concentration of gases at your home. For example with this sensors. Sensor for CO2, CO and LPG. The sensor board has analog input. How to read data? See here..
Link to ebay.

Pic. 5: UV sensor

UV sensor. With this sensor you can get interesting data regarding amount of UV.
The sensor contains I2C bus. How does it work? See here.
Link to ebay.

Pic. 6: Light intensity sensor

More, more interesting values. Check this sensor of light intensity. The data is also sent through I2C. Tutorial here.
Link to ebay.

Pic. 7: The BMP280, temperature and pressure sensor

The next interesting sensor is BMP280. The sensor measures temperature and pressure.
The sensor uses I2C bus and here is tutorial how to use it. .
Link to ebay.

Pic. 8: The BME280, sensor of temperature, humidity and pressure

This sensor, BME280, combines the measurement of temperature, pressure and humidity. Here is step-by-step tutorial.
Link to ebay.

Pic. 9: Sensor of temperature, humidity, pressure and gas concentration, BME680

Ok, this is a new sensor by Bosch. It combines sensors of temperature, humidity, pressure and also gas concentration. The sensor contains SPI and I2C bus and here is tutorial.
Link to eshop.

Pic. 10: Radiation shield

If you don't know which shield you can use, check this radiation shield. Very good for temperature, humidity and pressure sensors. See the radiation shield..

Do you know another interesting sensor? Write the comment.