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ESP32-S2 single core processor with 240 MHz and Wi-Fi connectivity (without Bluetooth)Print

Espressif released a new Wi-Fi IC called ESP32-S2, single core processor with frequency up to 240MHz, Wi-Fi connectivity 802.11 b/g/n (without Bluetooth) and with memory of 320 kB SRAM and 128 kB ROM.
ESP32-S2 completes the family of Wi-Fi connectivity ESP8266 and ESP32.
S2 version is not so powerful like the previous Wi-Fi IC ESP32, so the S2 version should be cheaper than ESP32.
ESP32-S2 should be used for the main purpose - secure Wi-Fi connection for communication with your server and cloud but cheaper than ESP32.

The dimension of IC is 7x7 mm (QFN package) includes low-power processor which is activated in low power mode. The power consumption in this mode is around 5 uA, With these parameters is predestinated for powering from batteries.

ESP32-S2 supports Time-of-Flight, measurement of signal by common Wi-Fi packets.

S2 also supports 43 programmable GPIO, 14 touch sensing, I2C, SPI, UART, ADC/DAC and PWM.
You can connect camera through 8 or 16-bit DPV interface with frequency up to 40 MHz. You can also connect LCD with 8-bit parallel RGB/8080/6800 interface and 16 or 24-bit parallel.

The security of ESP32-S2 belongs AES256 encrypted unit, 4096-bit eFUSE memory with 2048 bit memory available for application.

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