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Power Shield 6plu6 T800 for Arduino (Nano, Uno, Mega) for controling of power devicesPrint

I received shield for Arduino development boards which is used for controling of devices which need much power. The shield can be plug in to Arduino Nano, Uno i Mega.
It is versatile shield.

Support of Arduino Nano, Uno, Mega and more arduino's boards
- Input voltage from 6.5 - 32 V DC
- DC-DC convertor for Arduino boards
- output frequency
-- without heatsink of external transistors - 0 to 2 KHz
-- with heatsink external transistors - 0 to 25 KHz, for small current up to 100 KHz
- level shifter
- 4 indication diods
- five-level of protection
- temperature protection
- protection against polarity reverse
- external ESD protection of input/output
- maximum power 800W
- peak power 1500W
- temperature -20 to +50 °C

The first look
The design of board looks really well. There are a lot of heatsink's places, of course, the maximum power is up to 800W.
The extended headers are strong and quality of the plating of pins is good.
For one Arduino board, you can connect up to two Power Shields, because the Power Shield contains switch of channels.
The documentation is detailed described and it is not neccessary to install additional libraries to Arduino IDE and other tools.

Two Example codes are available.
The PowerShield saves you your time because the design of own board takes your time. So, the risk of damage of devices which are connected to your projects is much lower.
So the module can be used for controling of LEDs, motors and also the field of module is also for R&D and robotics.

POWER SHIELD is available on ebay, the shipping is free and the price is 93 USD.

More info is available on
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