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Whether you design own devices sometime you will need some tools for easier development of something. Maybe you made something what could be helpful for other makers.
Maybe your helpful tool doesn't sell.

This article shows what everything could be helpful and how change useful tools to better tools.

Do you have own helpful tool? Send me that on my e-mail time4ee{at}gmail{dot}com

Roman Mikulka shared article about this amazing tool which is used for holding of components. He made it according this link

We begin with test probes.
These test probes you can buy in a lot of stores.
This I see often, Test probe with cable with wire-board plug.

Sometimes you need two wires with wire-board plug.

Good variation of this test probe, you can solder pin (from pin header)

Ok, you can buy test probe from China. So cheap, but so shi***. Solder that is so hard.

Helpful tool - wires.

Instead of one wire-board plug, you can connect other wire with wire-board plug. It is so good for analyze of communication between two devices.
If you use thick wire, you can not use wire-board plug (it is smaller than that). You can use shrinking tube like case of connector.

Or you can solder pin (from pin header) with wire-board plug together. It is nice also for analyze of communication, using oscilloscope, but if you have more these wires together, is possible that the wires will be shorted together.

If you have pin strips connector with 2 mm pitch, you can use the inside of pin strips connector like connector. It works for 2 mm pin as well as for 2.54 mm. You use shrinking tube like case of connector too.

During the design you remember on test pads. Test pads are used for measurement by oscilloscope, analyzator and other measurement devices. If you find some bugs during the testing e.g. I2C bus, you have to know what's happend.
For better and faster finding up the problem, you can make "eye" from pin of pin header.

I think that some helpful tool you use long time, but somebody doesn't know it.

Do you have own helpful tool? Send me that on my e-mail time4ee{at}gmail{dot}com

For fun: If you want to take a picture or make a video blog, a review, you need good light.

I made temporarily this device, but I haven't done better :-(

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