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I have been using, an online service for storing and visualizing long-term statistics from my weather stations, for many years. Over the last six months, however, the service has seen significant improvements and overall greater user-friendliness. I am therefore happy to publish here an article about - a purely Czech service for storing and visualizing data (and not only that).

TMEP has a new website and a lot of advanced features

After several years, the popular Czech service for storing and displaying measured values has seen a number of changes. In short: new data visualization, a phone app, long-term and detailed history with export option and many other advanced features that every weather station will appreciate.

What is TMEP?

Your own detailed online weather station.
It is a purely Czech service that takes care of storing and detailed visualization of values including long history. Would you like to measure, or are you already measuring and you want to have the statistics without the need for your own hosting, which you can also have in a widget on your mobile phone thanks to apps? Then TMEP is for you!

The service started out measuring temperature and has gradually added humidity (along with dew point) and more recently pressure or CO2 capabilities, all as part of a single statistics overview page. You set up an account on the service and then you can add sensors. Each sensor has one subdomain,, which you choose in the administration and then you can send values to it via a simple HTTP GET.

You can see how the statistics look like in the application preview. We've been measuring for more than 15 years ourselves - after all, that's why we created this app and are constantly improving it.

What to measure

Do you want a built-in gauge, or do you want to build something of your own? No problem - the service supports several Czech manufacturers with ready-made products, but you can also build your own device. Both options cost a few hundred crowns - it's really easy to get started and it won't break your credit card (unless you choose one of the more expensive solutions).

From ready-made solutions I would definitely mention the products of Mr. Zdeněk Macura on and the Ostrava company Home Technologies. Especially the former has a wide portfolio of products at very interesting prices.

From the basting sphere, we cannot but mention the excellent kits with luxurious tutorials from the LáskaKit e-shop:
- IKEA VINDRIKTNING dust particle sensor enhanced with CO2, temperature, humidity, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi communication and data visualization on TMEP.EU
- Easy data visualization on with ESP32-LPkit and the CO2, temperature, humidity sensor SCD41 [Complete instructions]

Further options and instructions can be found on the website in the supported devices section or directly in the service documentation.

Loaded with new features

There are many new features in the service and I would like to highlight a few specific ones. As mentioned above, the ability to measure pressure (or CO2) as a third value in addition to temperature and humidity is very interesting. Pressure is often measured together with temperature and humidity.

While you are looking at the statistics, you have the option to set the appearance of the statistics for each sensor - the classic light or now also a dark theme:

On the Current tab you can turn on a graph comparing the main measured value (typically temperature) with the previous day:

It is then interesting to see what the development is compared to yesterday. In the picture you can notice the grey area at the beginning and the end of the graph - this is another new feature and it is a representation of the night. You can turn this on by filling in the coordinates where the sensor is located - sunrise and sunset are dynamically calculated according to the position. Likewise, you will then see the sunrise and sunset times under "TODAY" on the "Current" tab.

One of the last added innovations is very bastard specific and was created based on comments from - it is the possibility to name the three measured values, including the units, with your own name, so you can create a mishmash of measured values as desired:

So you can measure not only temperature, pressure and CO2, but also, for example, the concentration of particulate matter, radioactivity or the level in the well.
All on one page.

There are many more new features - the possibility of an "About Sensor" tab on the statistics page for a custom description (including a photo gallery) of the sensor location. New options for notification of the measured value, including comparison of the jump in value after some time. Annual overview graph of values. Additional statistics on the type of days of the year by temperature reached. Integration of CZMU alerts and much more - for a full overview of what has been produced over the last year, see the service's news page here.

New logo and website

After many years, a new website has been launched. The original one-page presentation had been insufficient for some time and more information was needed. There was also an update of the logo - the original thermometer did not represent well what you can store and solve in the service. The documentation wiki also underwent a minor redesign to fit in with the website.

No longer free, but for an annual fee

With the news comes a not so pleasant one - from next year the service is fee-based. All the information can be found in the price list, in short: after registration you have three months free from the day you start measuring. After that, the price of the service is approx. 4 USD/EUR for the first sensor and approx. 2 USD/EUR for each additional sensor for the whole year.
One sensor is one subdomain to which you send values and can contain up to 3 measured values at a time. The fee is rather symbolic and you will support further development.

People measure!

If you are not using the service yet, try looking at the options and sensors you can get. I will be glad if you are interested in the service and become a user.
If there's something you think is missing, get in touch and we can include it in the development.

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