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Augmented Reality for makers, Application Engineers and also PCB designersPrint

The Augmented Reality (AR) is modern technology which can penetrate a lot of fields of common life but it has not happened yet. InspectAR is coming with this technology for makers, PCB designers, application engineers and others. For free.

Each maker and engineer met the situation where he is testing a new project and something doesn't work. Then you have to use osciloscope or multimeter and measure and measure.
You are checking the schematic, layout, schematic and then you measure wrong voltage on the pin, but you are immediately disapointed due to measurement on wrong pin. Damn!

And in this moment, you appreciate this modern technology which InspectAR presents.

Thanks this mobile application you see where are your tracks, components, and where the nets are connected to components during one second.

At the start of my story with InspectAR I was afraid how difficult will be working with that. That's Augmented Reality, it can not be easy, but IT IS SO EASY and free.

What does it mean? For free? If you are designing the boards in KiCAD or Eagle CAD, you can use the InspectAR for free. Just upload the project on their website and download their mobile app.
After that, you open the mobile app (Android or iOS), calibrate the real board with your design (just cover the silhouette of board with the real board in your mobile phone) and then you can choose what nets or components you want to check.
If you don't want to debug your own project but some public project like Arduino MRK Zero, ESP32 WROOM, Arduino Mega2560, Arduino Nano i Arduino Uno they are already uploaded.

If you are using Altium, Cadence, Mentor etc. the price is 499 USD/year but you get moreover application for Windows and MacOS.
For bigger customers, there is multilicense for cooperation in the team.

To make the inspectAR work correctly, the calibration of pcb layout and real PCB is important.
The calibration and also working with app is intuitive and user-friendly.

The inspectAR website:

My tutorial how to start and control that
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