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CHIP computer: first sight and comparison with Raspberry Pi Zero - pizeroPrint

How you could see on social networks, I recieved CHIP computer. Very popular kistarter project.

But I would like to show comparison between CHIP computer and Raspberry Pi Zero - pizero.
You find some important articles and pictures in this article.

Articles about CHIP computer:
CHIP computer: first sight and comparison with Raspberry Pi Zero - pizero
CHIP computer: connection to WiFi, SSH, UART
CHIP computer: speed of USB, WiFi, current consumption and pictures from thermal image
CHIP computer: flashing OS, python, LED and blinking of LED after boot
CHIP computer: USB webcam
CHIP computer: I2C bus - AD7415 temperature sensor

In next article, you will find first boot, connection to WiFi with and without display, connection through SSH and through UART and maybe more.

Easy comparison with more popular Raspberry Pi Zero.

CHIP costs $9 opposed $5 for Raspberry Pi Zero, but HW is better on CHIP computer. It includes WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. If you want to buy this part of device, the price will be very similar.

Raspberry Pi has a lot of community members, it's a big advantage.
Nevertheless, step by step. What is CHIP and Raspberry Pi. It is device with linux OS. Both support Debian (or some modification of that). If you have some problem, you can find solution on a lot of websites and forums.
Support of HW is individual, different for CHIP computer and Raspberry Pi Zero.
I had to check the documentation for CHIP and I can say that the documentation is very good and clear.

For GPIO control is available Python library.

The forum for CHIP is full a lot of active makers and developers.

Another information on element14: Hands on with C.H.I.P. ("The World's First Nine Dollar Computer")

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