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CHIP computer: connection to WiFi, SSH, UARTPrint

Hooray. Another article is on the world.
How to connect to WiFi, using SSH, using UART and how to connect CHIP computer to display/TV.

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You get cabel for composite input with CHIP computeru. Default setting is NTSC norm, but in a lot of countries is PAL norm. Nevertheless, it will work - black and white screen. Connect YELLOW cinch cabel to Y composite input (Video In).

Then you connect mouse and keyboard and you can run WiFi connection and do another things.

But somebody doesn't have display/TV with composite input. Then you have to use SSH. But the CHIP is not connected to WiFi yet.
Ok, we use USB-UART converter.
Connect USB-UART converter to CHIP computer.
115800, 1 stop bit, none parity.

You can use popular Putty program.

After connecting, you see booting of CHIP.
At the end of boot, you can write hostname and password - the same like with SSH.
default hostname: chip
password: chip

You have a few opportunities how to connect to WiFi.
sudo nmcli device wifi connect SSID_NAME password "YOUR_PASSWD"
sudo nmcli device wifi connect MyWiFi password MySecretPassword

or you can use pre-installed program:
sudo nmtui
You will see "connectiong to WiFi", "editing of WiFi connection" and "change hostname".

Write (after connection):
sudo iw dev
You will see wlan0 and wlan1. In wlan0 is SSID name of active WiFi connection.

Now, you can use SSH instead of USB-UART converter.
SSH is enabled.
Into terminal:
password: chip

For installing of program (e.g. MC), write this commands:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install mc

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