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RockPi 4B - speedtest (2.4GHz, 5GHz, ethernet) and sysbench benchmarkPrint

We received single-board computer RockPi 4B with accesories - eMMC module, power supply, case and PoE module.
We wrote about RockPi 4 in this news.

You have a choice from operating systems jsem vybral , I chose armbian. You can also install LibreElec, Android TV, Android or Debian Desktop or Ubuntu Server. Armbian is fully supported and it is working on all y single-board computers.

You can install the operating system on microSD card or eMMC module if you bought it. If yes, you also received module for connection to SD card reader.
eMMC module is compatible with eMMC modules by Pine64 and Odroid.

Videotutorial, how to plug the eMMC module on RockPi board and eMMC module.

The comparison of results from sysbench benchmark with RaspberryPi 3B Plus.
The heat-sink is recommended for RockPi 4. The measurement of temperature during "nothing" is about 44 °C, during the sysbench the temperature is increasing to 56 °C.

For settings of WiFi just run armbian-config tool, where you can set a lot of settings - SSH, Desktop, Network and others.

The comparison of speedtest through WiFi 2.4, 5 GHz and Gigabit ethernet with RaspberryPi 3B Plus.

Result only RockPi 4B - sysbench

WiFi 2.4GHz

WiFi 5GHz

Gigabit ethernet
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