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STM32F103 (Bluepill) and LoRa with RFM95 modulePrint

The news shows you the easy project which is used for Internet of Things.
The project is based on STM32F103 called Bluepill (and also Minimum System Development for STM32) and RFM95 module.
Within a few minutes you can make IoT transmitter which sends data in LoRa network (TTN, The Things Network).

The owner of this project is Ed Smallenburg. Maybe you remember this name. We shared also project called "Build you own IoT gateway with OrangePi and RAK831 module ".

The github repository contains all needed files for build of this LoRa transmitter.
The code is based on code by Thomas Telkamp a Matthijs Kooijman and the code is based on arduino-lmic library.

The document, which is available on github repo, describes connection between STM32 and RFM95 module.
The code for microcontroller supports sleep mode and includes debug output (UART).

Github repository:

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