This is the end of this year and so I would like to inform you about time4ee stats.

The most popular news is Wyzbee? - IoT platform with more than 2100 reads.

You have interest also about STMicroelectronics and Arduino - Arduino? STAR OTTO board news. Almost 2100 reads.

And the last news is Comparison of SBC as Raspberry Pi Zero with 1900 reads.

The most popular article is ScriptCommunicator - very good serial terminal for everyone with almost 2900 reads.

The second the most read article is
NodeMCU (ESP8266, ESP-12) + SHT75 + TMEP.CZ = Arduino meteostation
article with more than 1600 reads.

And third article is CHIP computer: first sight and comparison with Raspberry Pi Zero - pizero with more than 1300 reads.

My youtube channel follow more than 100 makers.
I created only five videos in this year. The most popular video is CubeMX and AC6 - STM32 TIMER, INTERRUPT, blinking LED with more than 4 700 views. This video was created before 10 months.
This video Unboxing of the Orange Pi Zero is on the internet only two months and it has more than 4 000 views.

Total amount of views of these five videos is almost 15 000.

Thanks for your following and stay with us also for next year. Happy New Year 2017.