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A New version of "Tasker for Arduino"Print

This is a cooperative scheduler for running multiple tasks on Arduino. The tasks are called automatically at specified times for specified number of times. This frees your program from timing logic and makes your Arduino look like it's doing several things at once.

Cooperative means that the tasks you create need to behave nicely - to co-operate together by running for a short time only, otherwise it will not work well. Scheduler means that each task has its own schedule so Tasker knows when the tasks are to be started (in what time since now) and how many times they should be invoked (only once, X times or forever).

The "co-operation" is best achieved by creating small, short running tasks (functions). Basically wherever you'd need to include the infamous delay() call in your Arduino program that's the place where you actually want to break the code flow, split the source code into separate functions and let Tasker run them as separate tasks.

There are many similar libraries for the same purpose available on the Internet but they are either buggy (don't handle timer overflow) or too complicated, cumbersome to use, unnecessary object-oriented or otherwise hard to understand and follow.

This Tasker library is carefully designed to be extremely simple yet very powerful. It has short, clean API and clear implementation that fits on a single page and can be reviewed easily. Best of all, its API is intentionally similar to JavaScript's timer functions so HTML/JavaScript programmers will feel right at home. For the unfamiliar with JavaScript there's a short example code included that illustrates the whole API and its best usage.

Whole github project and description is available on
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