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NODE32pico - small development board with ESP32 PICO D4Print

You can buy a lot of development board with popular IC ESP32 which supports Bluetooth and WiFi connections. Pan Tulabadi shared a few pictures of his development board which is called NODE32pico which includes ESP32 PICO D4 (two low-power Xtensa 32-bit LX6 microprocessors, 448KB ROM, 4MB Flash, 520KB SRAM).

This very small development board contains except of ESP32 PICO D4 also ceramic antenna, pads for u.FL connector for external antenna, temperature and humidity sensor HTS221TR by STMicroelectronics with very low power consumptio and you can also use 3-axis accelerometer/magnetometer/gyroscope sensor LSM9DS1 by STMicroelectronics.

The communication between your laptop and development board NODE32pico is supported by USB-UART converter FT231XS by FTDI. The board contains microUSB connector and LiPo charger with 2pin connector.

There are two buttons - RESET and USER, LED and the big feature is labelling of pin headers.

The width is only 15.24 mm and the board fits to breadboard.

The NODE32pico is available on thailand website
The price is 990 thailand baht, it is almost 32 USD and the shipping is only 8.25 USD to Czech Republic (in my case).

Pinout of NODE32pico:

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