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Two new Arduino boards are comming - Uno WiFi Rev. 2 and Vidor 4000 with FPGAPrint

A new original Arduino boards are comming. Arduino prepares two new boards - a new revision of Arduino Uno WiFi (Rev. 2) and Arduino Vidor 4000, which includes FPGA.

Arduino Uno WiFi Rev. 2
The main component of new version of Arduino Uno WiFi is ATMega4809.
- 8-bit core
- up to 20 MHz core frequency
- 48 kB FLASH
- 6.144 kB SRAM
- 256 EEPROM
- 4x UART
- 1x SPI
- 1x I2C
- 11x PWM
- 5x 16-bit timer
- 16 channel 10-bit AD converter
- 1.8 - 5.5 V power supply

The power of board is 7 to 12V (recommended). The microcontroller is supplied from 5V source and the frequency of core is 16 MHz.

The wireless interface is WiFi and Bluetooth module by u-Blox company. The board also contains accelerometer and gyroscope. Next interesting componenet is crypto uinit ECC608.

The price is unknown.

Arduino Vidor 4000 (MKR Vidor 4000)
The new board of MKR family (Arduino MKR WAN 1300 and MRK GSM 1400) with SAMD21 microcontroller.
- 32-bit ARM Cortex M0+
- up to 48 MHz core clock
- 256 kB FLASH
- 32 kB SRAM
- 6x SPI
- 6x I2C
- 14 channel 10-bit AD converter
- 5x 16-bit timer
- 14 channel motor PWM
- 6x standard PWM
- 1.62 to 3.63 power supply

The board supports battery intterface for Li-Po. Vidor 4000 includes SDRAM 8MB FLASH, 2MB QSPI FLASH (1MB for user), microHDMI connector, connector for MIPI interface (camera) and miniPCI connector. You can use WiFi and Bluetooth connectivy which supports U-BLOX NINA W10 module.
The most interesting componenet is FPGA, which contains 16K logic elements, 504 kb RAM, a 56 18x18 HW multipliers.

The price is unknown.

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