HARDWARIO, the company which is developing IoT platform called BigClown released a new software called Playground. BigClown recently released a new modules GPS and Infra Grid.
Now, the BigClown team released Playground, the software which includes everything what you need for playing with BigClown.

The software is really multiplatform - linux-amd64.deb, linux-i386.deb, linux-ia32.tar.gz, linux-x64.tar.gz, linux-x86_64.AppImage, macos.dmg, ubuntu-amd64.deb, ubuntu-i386.deb, ubuntu-ia32.tar.gz, ubuntu-x64.tar.gz, win-setup-32bit.exe, win-setup-64bit.exe, windows-32bit.exe a windows-64bit.exe.

And what functions are inside?
Home - help page that will guide you how to get started
Functions - Node-RED flows editor where you define the rules
Dashboard - Dashboard page where all your values can be visualized and controlled
Messages - See all the messages that BigClown devices sends by the radio
Firmware - Reprogram you Core Modules with one of many pre-programmed firmwares

The playgroung is available on https://github.com/bigclownlabs/bch-playground/releases

Original post https://www.bigclown.com/blog/2018-09-14-bigclown-playground/