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Sony Spresense - development board with GPS, Glonass and camera interfacePrint

Sony released the specification of very powerful development board with Arduino Uno connectors and support in Arduino IDE.

The Main board contains microctroller with interesting spec:
6-core ARM? Cortex?-M4Fs
with 156MHz frequency
with SRAM 1.5MB
and FLASH 8MB.
The microcontroller contains usual peripherals like GPIO, SPI, I2C, UART, PWM, I2S.

The board includes GSNN (GPS and Glonass) and interface for camera.

The picutere of camera module is below.

Extension board offers easier expansion of Main board. It contains Arduino Uno connector, 8ch digital or 4 ch analog audio input

The price of main board is 50 USD, exapansion board for 32 USD.
The sale should be start at the end of July of 2018.

Homepage: for developers:
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