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Kickstarter: FluoWiFi (ATmega644p and ESP32) and M2 Macchina
On the kickstarter webiste are two interesting board which also could be interest for you.

The first of them is FluoWiFi, it is board with arduino compatible connectors. You can find microcontroller ATmega644pand also ESP32 on the board.

FluoWiFi supports OTA (Over The Air programming). On the board is also microSD card slot, microUSB and power jack.

The price of FlueWiFi starts $25.

M2 Macchina
What is it? M2 by Macchina is an open source automotive interface that can take your car to the next level. Use it to unlock your car's potential or as a development platform for your next product.

You can buy other modules like WiFi, Ethernet, XBee, Bluetooth, GPS or GSM/3G/LTE module.