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BigClownis czech development platform. Today (23th Jan 2018) starts campaign on Indiegogo. shared two articles about BigClown platform here and here.

BigClown is not only software or hardware. BigClown connects both part of development.

The BigClown platform offers own modules and sensor boards, which you can combine freely.
The SDK of BigClown contains libraries and a lot of examples.
I appreciate pure source code which meets ISO C99 standard, consistent API and support of Doxygen.
The choice of hardware components is focused on the low power consumption.

The BigClown device can be connected by 868 MHz transceiver. The first device contains Core modul with SPIRIT1 tranceiver and the second device, USB dongle, contains also SPIRIT1 tranceiver. The USB dongle can be plugged to Raspberry Pi or another laptop or single-board computer.
The BigClown made own Debian OS where are installed a few IoT software packages.

The platform offers IoT module like SigFox module.

The cheapest hardware consts za 69 USD.
The package contains USB dongle (connectivity to Raspberry Pi), Core module (SPIRIT1 wireless module - 868 MHz) and module with temperature and humidity sensor.

The full kit of interesting sensors and modules costs 299 USD. You get Core modules, USB dongle, PIR module, LCD module, Climate module (temperature/humidity/pressure/light intensity sensors) and much more.

The list of kits and campaign is avaiable on

List of modules and TAGs:
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