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Nextthing company shared a new board for everyone - CHIP Pro.
The device has a dimension 30 x 45 mm and includes Allwinner R8 @ 1GHz (Cortex-A8) processor with included 256MB DDR3 RAM and GPU Mali400. CHIP Pro is called like System-on-Module (SoM).
The storage is 512MB SLC NAND or you can use interface for microSD card.
Like CHIP computer, CHIP Pro can be powered from USB 2.0 OTG or battery (CHIP Pro contains charger IC) as well.
CHIP Pro contains usual peripherals like SPI, UART, I2C (TWI) or PWM.
The device has 24bit ADC/DAC on board and output for CMOS camera with parallel interface.
For wireless communication you can use WiFI 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 - with integrated antenna and u.FL connector.
The power voltage can be from 2.9 up to 6V.

Development board is available for $49, CHIP Pro for $16.

Project webpage:


The news shared: cnx-software

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