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ESP32 universal dev board by RobotikaBrno (CZE)Print

You can find up a lot of development boards for ESP32 on internet, some are cheaper, some more expensive.
The one czech hobby group (Robotika Brno - CZE) designed universal dev board for ESP32 (WiFi&BT).
The board called RB3200-ESP32universal contains Arduino uno rev.3 connector, power supply - 5V (USB) also 3.3V available on pin headers, LEDs, USB-UART bridge - CP1202 and a lot of pin headers for your sensors.

For uploading of your code you use USB-UART bridge, the USB-UART bridge uses DTR and RST pins.

GPIO pins which are closest to ESP32 are connected directly, the same GPIOs on other pin headers are connecting through 180R resistor, it is safer for your ESP32 modul.

On the both sides are GND, 5V a 3.3V available on pin headers.

The project is on github:

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