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ESP32-PRO - IoT board with 4MB RAM and FLASH and external crypto unitPrint

Olimex develops new devices and development boards.
The focus of Olimex got ESP32 (WiFi&BT), Olimex released article on their website about a new IoT (Internet of Things) board called ESP32-PRO. Maybe you saw Olimex ESP32-EVB - ESP32, CAN, Ethernet news.
The board ESP32-PRO contains external 4MB RAM, 4MB FLASH and external crypto unit.

The device is in development process. Olimex designers had to solve a lot of problems.
So, it confirms that documenatation by espressif is not so good and in begin part you can find any problems with design of board. A few problems are not mentioned in their documents or in reference design.

Olimex designers choose PIC32MX270F256DT microcontroller for connection between laptop and ESP32 through USB-OTG.

The crypto unit is ATECC508A (SHA-256) by Microchip.

The ESP32 PRO contains IC charger for LiPo batteries.

Github of project on

ESP32-PRO news on olimex website on
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