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CREATOR PRO - Ameba RTL8711 WiFI board for $8.80Print

Maybe you remember on news about the alternative to ESP8266 called RTL8710. Now is available a new development board with RTL8711AM - CREATOR Pro by RAKwireless.

The RTL8711AM integrates high-performance CPU, WiFi, Ethernet, peripherals like SPI, I2C and more. RT8711 can be easier implemented to Arduino with through Standard Arduino library.

CREATOR is programmable platform for development of IoT appliacations.

CREATOR Pro contains compatible Arduino connector (Arduino Uno Rev.3) and the board is supported in Windows and Mac OS.

Specification of RTL8711AM:
CPU: 32bit ARM Cortex M3, up to 166MHz
Memory: 1MB ROM, 2 MB SDRAM, 512kB SRAM
Key Features: integrated 802.11 b/g/n 1x1 WiFi
NFC tag with Read/Write protection
Hardware SSL engine
19 GPIOs
1x SPI (master and slave mode)
3x I2C (master and slave mode)
4x PWM
1x ADC
1x DAC

link to store:

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Documents and tools on - RAK473

Pinout of board see bellow.

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