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Development boards for CH55x microcontrollersPrint

Do you know USB-UART converters called CH34x? The type of converter is used in a lot of Arduino clones of development boards.
The same manufacturer designs own microcontrollers based on C51, that's core which was used in a lot of Atmel microcontrolers like AT89C2051, AT89C51 and more.

If you think the core is old and useless, that's wrong idea. Modified core is used in a lot of microcontrollers - for common using like CH55x and also for special application e.g. IC for watches.
There are a few advantages - you can modified the core as you want and is not neccessary to pay for licensing.

The list of microcontroller is below:


The cheapest board contains CH552 (16 kB ROM, 1kB xRAM, 256iRAM, @24 MHz) which is available in packages which are easy to solder - TSSOP and MSOP.
The price is 1.54 USD.
The more powerfull microcontroller, CH554, is available on the same website and costs 1.78 USD.


If you want smaller board for 1.80 USD, check the simplest board with CH551.


The "most expensive" development board contains the most powerfull microcontroller - CH559. It contains 60 kB FLASH for code, 1kB DataFLASH, 3kB for Bootloader, 6kB xRAM and 256b iRAM. The maximal frequency is 24 MHz and the IC contains USB 2.0 interface.


More info you find on this github repository -
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