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PHOTO GALLERY: STEVAL-WESU1 - wearable sensor unit

STMicroelectronics released wearable unit. It contains a lot of sensors. The data are sent to mobile phone through bluetooth. App is available on Apple Store™ and Google Play™.
App is based on BlueST SDK, available on GitHub.

What contains this device:
STM32L151VEY6 – 32-bit ultra-low-power MCU
LSM6DS3 – 3D accelerometer + 3D gyroscope
LIS3MDL – 3-axis magnetometer
LPS25HB – MEMS pressure sensor
BlueNRG-MS – BLE network processor
BALF-NRG-01D3 - 50 ? balun with integrated harmonic filter
STNS01 – Li-Ion linear battery charger
STC3115 – Fuel gauge IC
100 mAh Li-Ion battery included, UN38.3 tested and certified
Micro USB connector for recharging
SWD connector for debugging and programming capability

Another information: