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Intel? Quark? Microcontroller Developer Kit D2000Print

Intel shared new development board for new microcontroller family Intel? Quark? D2000.
It contains microcontroller, 6-axis accelerometer/compass and temperature sensor and Arduino Uno rev. 3 connectors.
The development board contains programmer and debugger.
IDE is based on Eclipse and compilator is GCC.

First x86-based Intel? Quark? microcontroller, D2000, conains 32kB FLASH and 4kB OTP, 8kB SRAM, works with voltage from 2.0V to 3.3V. Clock can be up to 32 MHz.
D2000 is optimized for very low power consumption, typically battery power supply.
Microcontroller includes peripheral like UART, ADC, SPI, RTC, SPI, WDT and also 2 channel DMA.
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