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BPI-Webduino:bit - Micro:Bit by SinoVoipPrint

SinoVoip released a few pictures and specs of the new board called BPI-Webduino:bit. This board is pin compatible with Micro:Bit by BBC. The BPI-Webduino:bit is the new member of the Webduino family. Webduino is the platform which is focused on the popular way how to show electronics to children. You can "program" it using Blockly. Blockly is graphic editor where graphic icons mean e.g. conditions from C language. You can make the code on the webduino website whence you can upload the code to your webduino device.

Back to BPI-Webduino:bit. The main component of board is WiFi and BT module with ESP32.

You can also use two light sensors, digital compass, 3-axis digital accelerometer, temperature sensor, matrix of 5x5 RGB LEDs, two programable buttons, microUSB connector with USB-UART converter and two pins battery connector.

Th size of board is 50 x 50 mm.
You can buy the board for 19.50 USD + 6.85 USD for shipping (in my case).

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