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STM32G0 - a new line of STM32 microcontrollersPrint

STM32G0 - smaller, simple, versatil, eficient and robust. A few words which specificate a new generation of STM32 microcontrollers - G0.

STM32G0 includes a few interesting features which have to be highlighted.

- G0 microcontrollers doesn't contain more VCC and GND pins. Only one VCC and one GND.
- G0 contains clock generator with 1% precise, so not necessary to assemble external clock
- low power

- high security level (FW IP protection, Secret key storage, Authentication, Securable Memory Area, Execute-only Protection, Read-out Protection, Write Protection, Memory Protection Unit (MPU), AES-256 / SHA-256 Encryption, True Random Number Generator, Unique ID)

- versatility: G0 contains peripheral like USART, I2C, ADC, SPI, but some types of G0 also contains FD CAN, USB C delivery power, USB 2.0 Full speed Device/Host, HDMI CEC and more.

- a few types of packages, amount of FLASH and RAM. In this year is availablel only UFQFPN 28 pin LQFP/QFN 32 and 48 pin and LQFP/UFBGA 64 pin. Amount of memory is 64K FLASH, 36K RAM and 128K FLASH and 36K. In the next year will be available also types with:
from 16K FLASH up to 512K FLASH and 8 K RAM up to 128K RAM.
Another packages will be SON 8 pin, TSSOP 20 pin, and also LQFP 100 pin.

Again, you can buy SON 8 pin, TSSOP 20 pin in the next year.

You can buy STM32G0 which will be assembled on Discovery and Nucleo

NUCLEO-G071RB - the price is 9.37 Euro on mouser

NUCLEO-G070RB - not available

STM32G081B-EVAL - not available

Other info you can find on
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