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Other ESP32 development board - Whitecat ESP32 N1 boardPrint

Do you know WhitecatBoard? It is other company which develops development board with ESP32. If you pay a little bit more you get ESP32 with wireless module for LoRa network.

The base component is ESP32
- Dual-core Tensilica LX6 processor (up to 240MHz)
- internal 520 kB SRAM
- WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth (BLE)
You can use u.FL connector for WiFi and BT (2.4 GHz) and if you buy more expensive Whitecat ESP32 N1 board with LoRa module, it also contains u.FL connector for IoT network (868 MHz EU, 915 MHz USA). The board contains also internal antennas of course.

The power supply can be 3.3V or 5V (it is connected to voltage regulator)

On the board is available RTC (Real Time Clock) IC.

The dimension of board is 78 x 26 mm.

And price? Whitecat ESP32 N1 without LoRa module is 30 EUR + 5 EUR shipping (worldwide), with LoRa module 40 EUR + 5 EUR shipping (worldwide).

Website of board is

On the website you can find Whitecat IDE.
It is graphical GUI for programming of Whitecat ESP32 N1 through blocks.
Instead of graphical using of blocks you can use Lua programming language. You know from NodeMCU.

Whitecat IDE here

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