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A cheap PCB manufacturer from China - PCBgogoPrint

You know, you designed your own PCB for you project and want to fabricate that. Some makers own tools which are needed for manufacturing of PCB, other makers use PCB manufacturers.
This news introduces one of them - PCBgogo....

Development board with STM32F030F4P6 and programming (CubeMX and AC6)Print

The development board with STM32F030 microcontroller costs a few bucks.
Do you know how to program that? If not, check this article.
You will discover how to program the STM32F030F4P6 minimum system development board.
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This DC/DC converter survives even Armageddon. Don't you believe?Print

The TEQ 300WIR meets the demanding requirements for quality, reliability and safety for use in railway applications. The TRACO Power converters of this series contribute to the creation of simple and reliable solutions.
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Create your own robot based on ArduinoPrint

This news shows really detailed tutorial how to create robot which is based on Arduino platform.
This tutorial is step-by-step tutorial which describes you what components use, how to connect all components and how to write and upload code to Arduino.
You also find there how to make remote control and highlight posibility issues during the bulding of robot.

Homepage of project:

A new release of Eagle - 9.1.0Print

Eagle CAD, the CAD for design of PCB, was released in a new version - 9.1.0.
This release brings a lot of features.

All features you find here:

Build you own IoT gateway with OrangePi and RAK831 modulePrint

Build your own IoT gateway for your sensors and also you can join to The Things Network, community IoT network. This tutorial describes the using of OrangePi Zero and IoT transceiver RAK831 module.

Miroslav Prymek shared success with OrangePi Zero and RAK831 on google plus. He built own gateway and joined to IoT network called The Thing Networks (TTN). ...

LoRa Stik - connect your RaspberryPi to IoT networkPrint

Crowdfunding campaign for LoRa Stik is available on Crowdsupply website. The LoRa Stik is interface for connecting of your devices to Internet of Things. The IoT device contains USB connector so you can esaily connect your laptop, RaspberryPi, OrangePi or BananaPi to IoT and send your needed data. ...

Get OMNI in Just 15 MinutesPrint

Insert SODIMM RAM module into socket, connect SSD and fasten it to CPU BOX kit. Connect 3 cables from the LCD kit to CPU BOX kit, click CPU BOX kit into LCD kit and fix 3 screws - done. You can build panel PC yourself or buy pre-assembled one.
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Are you ready for the new generation?Print

WIZnet has just launched a new W7500 & W7500P-based Serial to Ethernet modules (S2E modules), which are pin-to-pin compatible with WIZnet?s existing S2E modules ? WIZ1XX series.
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How does the EMC Filter work?Print

Swiss company Schurter offers EMC filters, common mode chokes, as well as filters integrated with inlet, switch and fuse. Typical EMC filter contains common mode choke and X and Y class capacitors. But how does it work?
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Active electronic load with STM32Print

Summer holiday is comming and maybe you are looking for some interesting project which will be helpful for your development.
Active electronic load is very good project which you can use everytime during you development of power supply or regulator....

7 COLOURS of Terminal BlocksPrint

Green, grey, black, blue, red, yellow and orange - using Euroclamp coloured terminal blocks radically reduces the possibility of incorrect connecting of the cables.
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Orange Pi 3G IoT in two variants (256/512MB) RAM and (512MB/4GB) eMMCPrint

Xunlong company released a new development board with 3G connectivity in two variants. You can also buy 2G (Orange Pi 2G-IoT) and 4G (Orange Pi 4G-IoT) which Xunlong already released.
Now, here are two variants of OrangePi 3G-IoT board - A (19.90 USD) and B (24.90 USD)...

Sony Spresense - development board with GPS, Glonass and camera interfacePrint

Sony released the specification of very powerful development board with Arduino Uno connectors and support in Arduino IDE. ...

A New version of "Tasker for Arduino"Print

This is a cooperative scheduler for running multiple tasks on Arduino. The tasks are called automatically at specified times for specified number of times. This frees your program from timing logic and makes your Arduino look like it's doing several things at once.

SCD30 is More Than Just the NDIR CO2 SensorPrint

Sensirion SCD30 is a calibrated module with NDIR CO2, humidity and temperature sensors. Measuring of CO2 concentration and automatic ventilation on demand guarantees healthy workplace and even saves the energy.
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BigClown VOC TAGPrint

The popular czech IoT platform called BigClown released a new sensor (TAG). TAG called VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), it is a new TAG, now you can buy also humidity, temperature, light intensity and NFC. ...

Original Arduino board with ESP32 (MKR WiFi 1010) and board for NB-IoT (MKR NB 1500)Print prepares a new development boards for your application.
Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 with ESP32 IC and Arduino MKR NB 1500 which supports NB-IoT network (Vodafone, AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Telstra, Verizon).

Two new Arduino boards are comming - Uno WiFi Rev. 2 and Vidor 4000 with FPGAPrint

A new original Arduino boards are comming. Arduino prepares two new boards - a new revision of Arduino Uno WiFi (Rev. 2) and Arduino Vidor 4000, which includes FPGA.

Weller soldering station for less than 150 Euro?Print

New soldering station WE1010 proves that even a very decent station can be available at an affordable price. It?s primarily designed for schools, students, demanding hobbyists, developers etc.
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