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A cheap PCB manufacturer from China - PCBgogoPrint

You know, you designed your own PCB for you project and want to fabricate that. Some makers own tools which are needed for manufacturing of PCB, other makers use PCB manufacturers.
This news introduces one of them - PCBgogo.

You can find a lot of PCB manufacturers, the best-known manufacturers are seeedstudio, jlcpcb, itead, pcbastore and also oshpark.
OK1RAJ radioclub highlighted other PCB manufacturer which fabricates PCBs for a few dollars.
PCBgogo, the PCB manufacturer, offers 20 USD coupon and get 25% off. The coupon is valid from 9th up to 15th July of 2018.

PCBgogo fabricates your PCB for 2-3 days and you can choose from a few post couriers.
You can choose the color of solder mask among a few colors - standard like green, red, yellow, blue, white and black and also unusual colors like purple, matt black and matt green. But if you choose unussual colors, the price is higher.

Website of manufacturer
Facebook webpage with coupon
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