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The popular czech IoT platform called BigClown released a new sensor (TAG). TAG called VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), it is a new TAG, now you can buy also humidity, temperature, light intensity and NFC. ... prepares a new development boards for your application.
Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 with ESP32 IC and Arduino MKR NB 1500 which supports NB-IoT network (Vodafone, AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Telstra, Verizon).

A new original Arduino boards are comming. Arduino prepares two new boards - a new revision of Arduino Uno WiFi (Rev. 2) and Arduino Vidor 4000, which includes FPGA.

New soldering station WE1010 proves that even a very decent station can be available at an affordable price. It?s primarily designed for schools, students, demanding hobbyists, developers etc.
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Espressif released ESP32 PICO D4 before a few months. During this time, manufacturers released a few development boards with this WiFi and Bluetooth IC.
This news describes you really small module (smaller than ESP-WROOM-32) with ESP32 PICO D4, which you can buy on aliexpress.
SUSE Linux released version of OS used for Raspberry Pi single-board computer.

Renowned German manufacturer optimizes the offer of preferred rocker switches.
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The article Interesting sensors for your weather station was updated.
There are two new sensors for measurement of moisture of soil.
The first sensor measures conductivity, the second measures the change of capacity.

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The article about tips and tricks of Eagle CAD which is focused on design of PCB was updated.
Now, you find there How to create thermals for vias and also How to generate polygon for whole PCB.
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In the competition organised by ESA (European Space Agency competition, link to competition: and, which is called CanSat teams made of 4-6 members have to build an own satellite, which is taken by a dron or a rocket to a height of up to 2,000m. It is an international competition, rather European. In the European final, each country is represented by maximally one team (some countries have no representation at all and have to fight in a barrage for place in final round). After passing through two rounds of national competition, the Hatalom team from Opatov Grammar School became the team representing the Czech Republic. The European final will take place from 27 June to 1 July in the Azores in Portugal.

The final round, which took place at the IQRF Summit 2018, was attended by the solvers of the two best projects selected from the projects submitted to the final.

Both projects came from the V?B - Technical University of Ostrava. Teaching and IQRF projects have many years of tradition and support here.

The winner has won development tools for IoT applications ...

Myrra builds on the success of the 47000 series with the new AC/DC converter series 48000. Let's check some of its features in the given example.
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One more development board with ESP32 PICO D4. This development board called Maple ESP32 Mini, is very small and the seller wrote that this board is the smallest dev board with ESP32 PICO D4 on the world.

Maple ESP32 Mini doesn't include...

The fourth part of STM32duino tutorial we will check the I2C bus.
We connect the temperature and humidity sensor Si7021 to default I2C and also to alternative connection of I2C bus.

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IBM joins IoT alliance in CZ: More than 100 entities trust in Czech technology for the Internet of Things

The conference on the Internet of Things ? the IQRF Summit 2018 ? that has just taken place was an opportunity for visitors to see what Smart City, Smart Building, and Industry 4.0 projects companies are working on, and how. All those presentations here shared one common denominator: they all either use the IQRF, the Czech wireless technology, directly in their products or build on it in overarching systems. At the summit, the IBM announced that it was joining the IQRF Alliance as it was keen to become a major strategic partner for other members.

Are you looking for a stylish touch screen terminal for the attendance system? Or even something more powerful? You will definitely choose from the TechNexion TEP series.
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Miniature, intelligent, 0.90? RGB TFT display with a WiFi module for immediate use ? that?s the IoD-09 series.
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The AutoDesk released a new version of popular CAD tool called Eagle 9.
There are a few awesome features which will simplify the job during your design of PCB....

Do you know USB-UART converters called CH34x? The type of converter is used in a lot of Arduino clones of development boards.
The same manufacturer designs own microcontrollers based on C51, that's core which was used in a lot of Atmel microcontrolers like AT89C2051, AT89C51 and more.

If you think the core is old and useless, that's wrong idea. Modified core is used ...

Welcome to third part of STM32duino tutorial. What do you expect? We check the most popular microcontroller interface - USART, called Serial in Arduino IDE.
The STM32 microcontrollers includes a few USART buses. The feature of STM32 is possibility to change of USART connection.
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