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Phoenix Contact brings a unique series of electronics enclosures to the market. UCS offers a modular design, rich accessories and easy PCB assembly of any shape.

Thanks to the rapid increase in the performance of integrated software and hardware, embedded systems play a key role in many autonomous and also complex complete systems. Reliable, highly flexibility and long-term available enclosure is highly desirable for these devices.

The Universal Case System "UCS"

Device manufacturers use both standardized and in-house developed printed circuit boards, which require a housing that effectively protects them against environmental impacts. The market already offers a very large number of enclosure systems serving this purpose. The systems are manufactured either specifically for an application, or basic housings are modified for the respective application at additional costs.

Also to stand out of the competition through the sophisticated design of your device and a possibility to respond quickly to customer, specific requirements are quite beneficial. This is where the modular design of the Universal Case System (UCS) is particularly advantageous.

Modularity and flexibility

The UCS housing consists of two identical half-shells, removable side panels and colour-contrasting corner inserts. If more installation space is required for the same area, the Universal Case System offers an interesting solution: side panels and screws are replaced by a 20 mm higher version and supplemented by a height adapter (change from 47mm to 67 mm height). This makes it easy to generate a new housing size.

The design can also be easily modified using other colours or materials. Corner inserts and half-shells can still be used. The UCS system was designed in a way that the longer side panel can also be used as the shorter side panel in the next larger housing variant. The advantage here is that the easy to machine side panel for integrating the corresponding interfaces is available for various applications.

Currently, at the time of writing this article, up to 75 standard variants are available (size, black or light grey colour) including factory modified with openings for easy use of Raspberry Pi B2 and B3.

Variable PCB mounting

The Universal Case System offers two ways of mounting PCBs. In order to make maximum use of the PCB surface, the PCBs are fixed directly to the corner insert with an integrated screw boss. If maximum flexibility is to be achieved and you dont need maximum available space, then the corner inserts are used without the integrated screw boss. To fasten the PCB, specially designed screw bosses that are simply glued in place are used.

Connections, signals, data and power

Phoenix Contact also offers the COMBICON, a product range of connectors that has been on the market for decades. The range includes screw or push-in spring connections, PCB terminal blocks and connectors. As for the transmission of signals, data and power, Phoenix Contact has its PLUSCON connector range. The M5 to M12 circular connectors can be used to implement universal cabling systems.

In case of interest, in any UCS enclosure or any other products from PHOENIX Contact, please contact us at

Advantages/ Features:
- high level of flexibility, modular design
- flexible PCB mounting for virtually all form factors
- various sizes (widths and lengths) are available
- 47mm/ 67mm high
- reduced logistics thanks to mutually compatible components
- elegant, modern design
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