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How to look good on a DIN rail
The ideal choice is the CEM series - high quality Euroclamp plastic enclosures at a good price, of high quality and with many possibilities for customization.

VOC Sensor with 65uA Consumption Only
SGPC3 is designed to measure the volatile organic compounds (VOC) concentration in the indoor environment. As is usual with Sensirion products, the sensor is calibrated and the signal processing is integrated directly on the chip.

Secure data transfer with dual band WiFi module xPico®200
If you need highly reliable and secure data transfer over WiFi, xPico Wifi240/250 is the right solution for you.

How to easily mount an enclosure on a pole?
Canadian manufacturer Hammond offers a complete solution. With the Pole Mount Kit PMB it goes fast, reliably and securely to any pole.

Can you handle mounting OLED display within 2 seconds?
Mounting of a small graphic display EA OLEDS102 which is mounted only by soldering into PCB or plugging into a socket is not only fast and reliable but also cheap.

The Most Reliable Memory for Industries
Bold statement, right? Apacer offers two series of industrial DRAM modules that use fully-tested world-class chips, providing full technical support with 3years warranty but also a fixed BOM and other benefits.

Miniature, professional or with multimeter? Find the best one for you.
Flir is a brand of quality in the production and development of thermal cameras. See the list of the latest news in electronics thermography.

This DC/DC converter survives even Armageddon. Dont you believe?
The TEQ 300WIR meets the demanding requirements for quality, reliability and safety for use in railway applications. The TRACO Power converters of this series contribute to the creation of simple and reliable solutions.

Get OMNI in Just 15 Minutes
Insert SODIMM RAM module into socket, connect SSD and fasten it to CPU BOX kit. Connect 3 cables from the LCD kit to CPU BOX kit, click CPU BOX kit into LCD kit and fix 3 screws - done. You can build panel PC yourself or buy pre-assembled one.

Are you ready for the new generation?
WIZnet has just launched a new W7500 & W7500P-based Serial to Ethernet modules (S2E modules), which are pin-to-pin compatible with WIZnets existing S2E modules WIZ1XX series.

How does the EMC Filter work?
Swiss company Schurter offers EMC filters, common mode chokes, as well as filters integrated with inlet, switch and fuse. Typical EMC filter contains common mode choke and X and Y class capacitors. But how does it work?

7 COLOURS of Terminal Blocks
Green, grey, black, blue, red, yellow and orange - using Euroclamp coloured terminal blocks radically reduces the possibility of incorrect connecting of the cables.

SCD30 is More Than Just the NDIR CO2 Sensor
Sensirion SCD30 is a calibrated module with NDIR CO2, humidity and temperature sensors. Measuring of CO2 concentration and automatic ventilation on demand guarantees healthy workplace and even saves the energy.

Weller soldering station for less than 150 Euro?
New soldering station WE1010 proves that even a very decent station can be available at an affordable price. Its primarily designed for schools, students, demanding hobbyists, developers etc.

Gold medal for silver for Marquardt
Renowned German manufacturer optimizes the offer of preferred rocker switches.