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The Most Reliable Memory for IndustriesPrint

Bold statement, right? Apacer offers two series of industrial DRAM modules that use fully-tested world-class chips, providing full technical support with 3years warranty but also a fixed BOM and other benefits.

DRAM chips from tier-one manufacturers
Both series use fully tested DRAM chips from Samsung, Micron Group or SK Hynix.

Series 75 uses chips rated to temperatures from -40 to +95?C, 1% resistors, 125?C rated capacitors and 30um gold fingers plating.

Series 78 uses chips rated to 0 to +95?C, 5% resistors, 85?C rated capacitors and 3um gold fingers plating.

100% Reliability
Apacer tests all DRAM modules. Test procedure includes power cycle test (multiple warm and cold boot), high and low temperature test, temperature cycle test, humidity test and vibration/shock test.

Fixed BOM
Chip revision also applies to series 75. If chip manufacturer changes chip revision, Apacer changes product number. For 78 series chip manufacturer is fixed. If chip revision changes, product number remains the same.

Warranty and Support
Both series offer 3 years warranty. Apacer provides full FAE support and RMA procedure.

Product Change Notice and End of Life Policy
Apacer publish PCN or EOL letters in advance. For more information, please see PCN and EOL policy.

Industrial Temperature Range
Industrial temperature range is typically defined as ambient temperature range -40 to 85?C, but ambient temperature means different things to different people (What is ambient temperature, anyway, and why does it matter?).

DRAM chip manufacturers and also Apacer use a more suitable parameter ? case temperature Tc measured on the centre/top side of chip. Everything is clear now, you can glue thermocouples to memory chips, insert DRAM module to your equipment, make temperature tests and verify if Tc stays within specified range.

Please, be aware of the fact that refresh time tREFI has to be 3.9us at 85?C < Tc ? 95?C. This setting requires BIOS customization and system stability can be affected. It is easier to design cooling in such a way that Tc ? 85?C. In this case, standard tREFI=7,8us is sufficient.

Apacer DRAM Modules for Embedded Equipment

Single board computers, panel PCs and box PCs most often use SODIMM modules. Industrial motherboards use typically unbuffered DIMM modules. Apacer is still capable to provide very old DDR-266 modules for Pentium-4 and simultaneously DDR4-2666 modules for the latest Intel Purley and AMD EPYC platforms.

Apacer also offers memories for servers and workstations and specialities like underfill, conformal coating, anti-sulfuration, rugged embedded modules with additional fastening to the PCB by screws and 32-bit SODIMM modules for ARM processors.

We have included selected memory modules of the series 75 and 78 into our stock offer; all other products are available upon request.

For further information about APACER products, please do not hesitate to contact us at
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