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RaspberryPi Compute Module 3+ (CM3+) from 25 USD (without eMMC) to 40 USD (32GB eMMC)Print

Raspberry Pi Foundation released next generation of Compute Module with label 3+ (CM3+).
Compute Module 3+ is available in a few variants which differ by amount of eMMC memory.

STM32duino is supporting STM8Print

STM32duino, Arduino package which is developed by STMicroelectronics, added supporting of STM8.
Really cheap 8-bit microcontrollers. In this time supports STM8L152R8 (Nucleo STM8L152R8) and STM8S208RB (Nucleo STM8S208RB).

If you want to use Nucleo board which are mentioned above and you are using Windows 10 ...

Orange Pi 3 - Allwinner H6, 1/2 GB RAM, 0/8 GB eMMC, GbE, USB 3.0, WiFi a/b/g/n/ac, BT 5.0Print

Update: Android 7.0 is available on donwload centre of chinese version of website.

Xunlong offers a lot of single-board computers called OrangePi. They also offeres a few SBCs with Allwinner H6 and now they released a new version called OrangePi 3. ...

HScope, HS101 oscilloscope with smartphone and BluePill with STM32F103Print

You can buy a few types of oscilloscopes for a few USD. Or also you can made that e.g. Miniscope v2.
One of them is mentioned in this news - HS101. The base component is STM32F103 microcontroller.

7 new modules with ESP32 on Olimex storePrint

Olimex added 7 new modules with ESP32 which supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

ESP32-WROOM-32D-4MB – this is equal to used by us ESP32-WROOM-32, it uses D0WD instead of D0WDQ6 which is with smaller size and Espressif recommend it for new designs.
ESP32-WROOM-32D-16MB has 16MB of Flash
ESP32-WROOM-32D-4MBHT is High temperature +105C module for demanding applications.
ESP32-WROOM-32U-4MB is with U.FL connector for external antenna
ESP32-WROOM-32U-16MB has 16MB of Flash
ESP32-WROOM-32U-4MBHT is High temperature +105C module for demanding applications.
ESP32-WROVER-4MB has 4MB Flash and 8MB of PSRAM.

The price range is from 5.50 EUR up to 7.70 EUR



The most popular articles for 2018Print

The list of the most popular news and articles in 2018.

BigClown "Sensor adapter" versatile expansion board for sensors from ebay and aliexpressPrint

BigClown, popular IoT platform, offers a lot of TAGs (board with sensor) and modules, but I still had missed versatile board for connection of cheap sensors from ebay and aliexpress - e.g. BMP280, Si7021 or SHT31.

Whole article is available on

U/I power supply controllable from PCPrint

Every maker has to have solder station, logic analyzer and also power supply.
You can have usual power supply or this controllable power supply which is really good for experiments - SIRU.BOX.

The power supply with output power voltage up to 15V and output current is up to 600mA (max 2.5W) can be helpful for experiments and also for lasting powering of devices where the input current of device is fluctuating. - control your Arduino and RaspberryPi from websitePrint

Just imagine. You have an idea for your project. You have a device which will send your data to website. Or you will control your device from website.
And there is problem. How to display your data on website? And where? How to control the device from website?
This application will help you.

Relaxing videos for makersPrint

Christmas should be a holiday of peace and well-being.
There are relaxing videos for makers which I chose.

DS18B20 Tester with ArduinoPrint

You ordered a few DS18B20 temperature sensors and after a few weeks of waiting, you finally received the shipment. You connected the sensor to your project and ... nothing... Tried again ... nothing.
Where is the bug? Your connection? Bad contact? Your code?

For solving of issue, Petr Stehlík (CZ) developed a smart code which tests your temperature sensor.
He received a lot of sensors which were not working properly hence he spent a time for developing of this "tool".

Schematic and code is available on github

Update: EduBoard - education board with support in Arduino IDEPrint

Update: The board is on stock from 15 EUR.

If you are looking for useful education board for learing of programming and electronics, maybe this news about project called EduBoard by Olimex could be helpful for your decision.

The education board contains a lot of peripheral and the price is really interesting - only 15 USD.

EduBoard is like prototype now, so the final specification can be a little bit different. ...

Steam Link app on RaspberryPi 3B / 3B+Print

Steam Link App is now available on RaspberryPi 3B a 3B+, popular single-board computers.
Fot the installation, you need to use only two commads for Raspbian Stretch. Steam Link is implemented in RetroPie and ETA PRIME.

What is Steam Link App? The the service which streams games from your computer directly to your device (mobile, RaspberryPi). ...

STM32G0 - a new line of STM32 microcontrollersPrint

STM32G0 - smaller, simple, versatil, eficient and robust. A few words which specificate a new generation of STM32 microcontrollers - G0.

STM32G0 includes a few interesting features which have to be highlighted.

BigClown Playground - multiplatform EverythingInOnePrint

HARDWARIO, the company which is developing IoT platform called BigClown released a new software called Playground. BigClown recently released a new modules GPS and Infra Grid.
Now, the BigClown team released Playground, the software which includes everything what you need for playing with BigClown. ...

BlackFriday and CyberModay - for makersPrint

Periodically updated
Today is BlackFriday, sellers offer discounts for a lot of products. Here is list of them.

Screwless connection quickly and reliablyPrint

Practically every terminal blocks� manufacturer already took over the technology and produces screwless terminal blocks and connectors. Our long-term partner, Euroclamp, is not an exception. In addition to the dominant range of traditional terminal blocks and plug-in connectors with screws, they also offer a basic range of screwless terminal blocks and screwless plug-in connectors.
Whole article is available on

Source of article:

New modules for BigClown IoT platform - GPS and Infra GridPrint

BigClown released more modules for their IoT platform. A new modules are GPS and sensor called Infra Grid, it is sensor which contains more infrared temperature sensors in 8x8 matrix.

IQRF Summit 2019Print

When: April 9th to 10th, 2019
Where: Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

We invite you to the fourth annual conference about the Internet of Things with the IQRF® wireless technology. During the last year, many innovations have taken place both in the development of IQRF® technology itself and in the development of IoT projects based on it. Come and see which improvements in your life you can expect thanks to the Internet of Things. In addition to presentations and practical demonstrations, you can also look forward to an informal dinner where you can discuss your IoT ideas with IoT professionals. Do not forget to order cheaper "early bird" tickets by January 31, 2019, at the latest.

Update: Banana Pi P2 Zero - H2+ processor, eMMC, 100mbps, POE, WiFi on stock for 16 USDPrint

Update: BananaPi P2 Zero without WiFi and eMMC on stock. It supports PoE.

The SinoVoip company released a specification of prepared single-board computer called Banana Pi P2 Zero. It is other SBC with "Zero" name , the first wasBananaPi M2 Zero.

The specification sparked interest of makers because it combines ethernet connection, WiFi, eMMC memory. If your SBC is running from microSD card, it is very important to ...