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How to learn with STM32? The answer to this question couldn't be easier.Print

Learning how to use STM32 has never been easier. With the new STM32C0 series, STMicroelectronics also comes with nine videos on how to get started with the STM32C0. But the information is also useful for other STM32 series, as many of the peripherals, for example, will be the same or very similar.

Smartphone + Raspberry Pi Pico = portable oscilloscope and logic analyzer in one. Thanks Scoppy!Print

Scoppy app - thanks to this app for Android phones, you can have a portable oscilloscope and logic analyzer with Raspberry Pi Pico right on your phone. The Raspberry Pi Pico offers great performance and the price of the board itself is very low. How to do it?

The popular step-down converter with MP2315 from aliexpress was replaced by a fake chip. Check your inventory to see if you have it at home too. It can damage your equipment. How to recognize it?Print

It's not the first time that a person takes a liking to a development board or module and after some time, months or years, buys it again and finds that the product behaves completely differently from the hundreds bought before.
This happened to Petr Stehlik, a popular youtuber and blogger. He bought a new batch of DC-DC step-down converters with the MP2315 chip and found out on an expensive device that it didn't work as it should. And the 60 USD device doesn't work anymore either.

Same old song. Lolin designed a great board as intended for battery power and killed the whole design with one componentPrint

You will design a miniature board with a Wemos D1 compatible pinout, USB charging and programming, and a battery charging circuit. Well that looks like a great board! Small, powerful will also have low power consumption? NO.

Odroid H3+. 64-bit x86 Intel Jasper Lake. Incredibly powerful single board computer.Print

Tomas Bajer drew my attention to a new product from Hardkernel - Odroid H3+. Single board computer with Intel Celeron N6005 Processor (10nm, Quad-Core, TDP 10W).
And what can you expect? The 2 GHz frequency of this quad-core processor, up to 3.3 GHz in boost mode. Up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM, 2x 2.5 Gbit Ethernet (RTL8125B with Wake-On-Lan support), ... - a user-friendly online service for storing and visualizing data not only from weather stations. And it can do much more.Print

I have been using, an online service for storing and visualizing long-term statistics from my weather stations, for many years. Over the last six months, however, the service has seen significant improvements and overall greater user-friendliness. I am therefore happy to publish here an article about - a purely Czech service for storing and visualizing data (and not only that).

10 blinking kits for you and your children which you can solder during christmas daysPrint

Christmas days are quickly comming but no stress - I prepared 10 building kits which you can solder or your children during these days.
In this article, you can find christmas tree, police light, blinking bug or butterfly.

Augmented Reality for makers, Application Engineers and also PCB designersPrint

The Augmented Reality (AR) is modern technology which can penetrate a lot of fields of common life but it has not happened yet. InspectAR is coming with this technology for makers, PCB designers, application engineers and others. For free. ...

Measure the CO2 with CozIR-LP sensor and ESP32Print

Nowadays we can develop a device which will measure all parameters of air - temperature, humidity and also we can buy CO2 sensor and measure the quality of air.
The value of CO2 sensor is really important for us, because the increased concentration of CO2 can cause fatigue, drowsiness and higher concentration can endanger your health.
I used CozIR-LP sensor and the data is sending to where is the vizualition of data.
The article is available on

Soldering pen for Weller tips - tindiePrint

You can buy a lot of kind of soldering pens or soldering stations, if you prefer soldering pens, check this news.
Ebay and aliexpress offers a few soldering pens, for example TS80 or TS100. If it is not good choice for you, you can check this DIY Soldering Pen which is using high quality Weller Tips. ...

How to decrease the deep-sleep current of ESP32-CAMPrint

ESP32-CAM is very popular development board which contains Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity with ESP32 module, OV2640 camera, slot for microSD card and programmer - USB-UART convertor.
These parts are designed on 27x40 mm board.
I wanted to power the board by batteries, so my goal was to decrease the current in the deep-sleep mode and also in the runnning mode.
The deep-sleep current was more than 5mA with the default hardware.

The article is available on

5 pcs of PCB with 100x100 for 0 USDPrint

NextPCB offers 5 pcs with dimension 100x100 mm, only green soldermask for 0 USD.
The shipping in my case is 8.80 USD (China Post Airmail), 24.60 USD for DHL.

Update: Rock Pi S - single-board computer with RK3308 for 9.99 USD - 256/512MB RAM, 1GB NAND FLASH, PoEPrint

Radxa released info and pictures of a new very small single-board computer called Rock Pi S.
The size of Rock Pi S is only 38x38 mm and the price should be 9.99 USD + shipping. ...

Weather station with ePaper and weather data from OpenWeatherMapPrint

The weather station is the first DIY project which makers do after sometime of playing with electronics.
It is project which is helpful and makers using this long time.
This article introduce my weather station which is based on board with ESP8266, the display is ePaper and the data for current weather and forecast are receiving from OpenWeatherMap which provides also API for free.
The whole article is available on

New version of Wi-Fi module (v1.1) for IoT platform called BigClownPrint

Wi-Fi module is used for Wi-Fi connection with your server and sending/receiving data with BigClown IoT platform. Wi-Fi connectivity is missing in the offer of BigClown.
If you use Wi-Fi module and Wi-Fi connectivity is enough for your project, you can use Core module without Radio and save 10 euros.
Core module controls ESP8266 by AT commands by UART.

The article is available on

RaspberryPi 4B is not working with your USB-C charger? "We know".Print

Tyler Ward shared detailed article about not working USB-C chargers with Raspberry Pi 4B.

The problem is in design of USB-C of Raspberry Pi. HW designers used only one pull-down resistor for both CCx pins.
This solution is not complain with USB-C standard and in case you are using e-marked cable (what is fully complained with USB-C standard), your USB-C charger sets your device, your Raspberry Pi, like "Audio Adaptor Accessory" based on setting of resistors.

Due to this wrong design, USB-C chargers (with e-marked label) doesn't work with your Raspberry Pi. The power is refused. If you buy non e-marked label, there is possibility it will work without problem, because the low-cost cable contains only connection to one CC pin.
Of course, the USB-C power supply made by Raspberry Pi is fully working (and without e-marked label).

More info on

TTGO T-Call - development board with ESP32, GPRS module SIM800L and USB-CPrint

LilyGO is known manufacturer of development boards, kits and modules TTGO, which contains diverse variantions of electronic components and functionality.
Today they released a new board called TTGO T-Call contains WiFi and Bluetooth module ESP32 together with GPRS module SIM800L. The device can be powered by USB-C connector or battery. ...

Photogallery: Raspberry Pi 4B - 1/2/4 GB RAM, USB-C, 4K video - 35 USDPrint

Raspberry Pi Foundation released a new version of Raspberry Pi single-board computer 4B.
The improvement is really significant. RPi 4B supports 4K video, HEVC.H265 decoding, native gigabit ethernet and also two USB 3.0.

We can say, RPi 4B offers more power and better connectivity for the same price as Raspberry Pi 3B Plus.
You can buy RPi 4B with 3 models which are different by amount of RAM - 1 GB for 34 £, 2 GB for 44 £ and 4GB for 54 £. ...

ATTO - the smallest Arduino compatible boardPrint

The smallest Arduino board - the Pico and Atom X1 tried to be the smallest Arduino board, but in this time we have a new winner - ATTO. ...

ESP32-S2 single core processor with 240 MHz and Wi-Fi connectivity (without Bluetooth)Print

Espressif released a new Wi-Fi IC called ESP32-S2, single core processor with frequency up to 240MHz, Wi-Fi connectivity 802.11 b/g/n (without Bluetooth) and with memory of 320 kB SRAM and 128 kB ROM.
ESP32-S2 completes the family of Wi-Fi connectivity ESP8266 and ESP32.
S2 version is not so powerful like the previous Wi-Fi IC ESP32, so the S2 version should be cheaper than ESP32.
ESP32-S2 should be used for the main purpose - secure Wi-Fi connection for communication with your server and cloud but cheaper than ESP32. ...