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Orange Pi 4G-IoT LTE
Xunlong company, which is known thank to Orange Pi single-board computer, will release a new single board computer called Orange Pi 4G-IoT.
The SBC combines WiFi connection and also connection to 4G LTE mobile network.

There is not a lot of info, we have only a few pictures and some info. The release of board should be at the end of January of 2018.

What we see on the pictures:
- 3x USB connector for USB 2.0 interface
- 1x microUSB 2.0 OTG connector
- HDMI output
- audio 3.5mm jack output
- microphone

OrangePi 4G-IoT will be powered through microUSB connector and also DC connector.
There are three U.FL connectors on the board.
You can also use IR receiver, connector for LCD and connector for camera.
The board contains 40 pins header which could be compatible with Raspberry Pi header.

Thanks plesi for your info about this SBC.