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UPDATED: ORANGE PI 2G-IOT - with SIM and WiFi/Bluetooth for $9.9Print

On orangepi forum was released pictures of new Orange Pi single-board computer which si called Orange Pi Zero Plus ORANGE PI 2G-IOT.

As you can see on the picture, the main component - processor, is RDA8810PL by RDA electronics.

About RDA8810PL
MCU subsystem:

- ARM Cortex-A5 with FPU up to 1 GHz

Memory interface:
- 2 Gb (256MB) LPDDR2 SDRAM
- 4 Gb (512MB) SLC NAND flash
- two SDIO interfaces for TF cards and WiFi
- support eMMC memory, SPI-NAND and SPI-NOR

- up to 3 SIM cards (1.8V as well as 3.0V devices)
- USB 2.0 OTG
- 3x UART for GPS, BT, FM and debugging
- 3x SPI
- 3x I2C
- 1x I2S
- 4x 10bit GPADC
- 64 GPIOs
- PWM, 2 memory card controller and more

LCD, video and gprahics:
- supports LCD 8/16/24bit parallel inteface as well as SPI serial interface
- CSI-2 interface
- 2MPx camera sensor
- GPU is Vivante's GC860 (supports OpenGLES1.1/2.0, OpenVG1.4 ...)

Now back to Orange Pi Zero Plus ORANGE PI 2G-IOT.

On the top side we can see 40pin header where are connected peripherals next reset button, microphone, audio output and micro USB 2.0 which is used for power. Also camera and LCD interface and of course WiFi/Bluetooth module.
On the bottom side are two slots (first for microSD card and second for SIM card) and 2G module.

ORANGE PI 2G-IOT is available on aliexpress. The price is $9.9

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