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Articles: Commercial Announcement

KPTD 2012 ? do you know a LED with a dome?
SMD LED with lens concentrate the light into a smaller space, that?s why they?re more suitable for some applications than common LEDs.

Open Frame AC/DC Converters for Medical Applications
15W and 30W Open Frame AC/DC converters with extended temperature range and high isolation for medical applications from TRACO POWER

Miniature relays with MOSFET output and optical coupling from Omron
The G3VM-61VY2 (60V) and G3VM-351VY (350V) relays from Omron have been upgraded with better electrical parameters and better insulation without changing their package size or pin layout.

More power on your PCB even with just one hand
PCB terminal blocks with lever in 2 positions offer faster and easier wiring. More power does not mean more space any longer.

Do you know that a 3-colour backlight can improve legibility of the display?
Normal, service or critical mode? Any statuses of your device can be easily distinguished by a simple backlight colour change.

Verified and Improved Differential Pressure Sensors
Sensirion SDP800 series sensors are the reliable solution for precise air flow measurement in most demanding but cost sensitive HVAC applications, such as VAV controllers, burners, heat recovery ventilation systems and filter monitoring.

Classical Ring Tongue Terminals
SOS electronic brings you the selection of the most popular Ring Tongue Terminals from TE Connectivity with legendary logo: AMP.

Microchip's Ethernet solutions
Until recently, Ethernet networks have been classified as networks for office applications. They are now becoming more common in industrial process control applications and even in safety systems applications. Ethernet networks have numerous advantages. What are those advantages? Let's find out by looking at solutions from Microchip Technology.

Raychem RPG ? when you need a really robust enclosure
If you have a feeling that your device deserves a more rigid enclosure but ideally without substantial cost increase, you?re at the right place.

LexSystem SUPER Series Panel PC
Outstanding connectivity, fanless cooling, ambient temperature working range -20 to 60?C, wide range of power input 9 to 36V DC, IP65 waterproof front panel protection. Simply SUPER.

Take Advantage of the ?Silent Switcher? Architecture
Linear Technology?s ?Silent Switcher? architecture greatly reduces EM emissions.

Constant Current or Constant Voltage Mode of AC/DC LED drivers
Aimtec?s AC/DC LED driver series AMEPR30-AZ, AMEPR60-AZ, AMER90-AZ, AMER120-AZ, and AMER150-AZ all can be utilized in either a Constant Current or a Constant Voltage mode.

Pmods ? how to get started?
Here?s a beginner?s guide showcasing Pmod compatibility with the popular Arduino Uno platform. We will use a sample project ? Pmod NAV ? described on the Digilent Projects website. And then? Try to make your own project!

When do we need Analog Discovery, and when do we need Digital Discovery?
Digital Discovery is a crucial add-on if you have been using Analog Discovery 2, but its sampling rate was insufficient, there were not enough digital channels available, or there was too much noise to read data sent at higher speeds. See on a specific example what can be achieved with Digital Discovery.

EasyEDA: A free cloud-based tool for schematic capture, PCB layout, and circuit simulation
EasyEDA. It is a free web-based tool for schematic capture, PCB layout, and circuit simulation. The best part of any cloud- or web-based development tool is that it runs on a remote server (no worries to install on local machines), always up to date, and is accessible from anywhere through internet. EasyEDA is a zero-install cloud-based EDA application; all you need is a web-browser and internet connection and you are ready to draw circuits, run SPICE simulation, design PCBs, and even place an order for fabricating PCBs. I have a very pleasant learning experience playing with it for a couple weeks and I found the learning curve wasn?t too steep.