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Raychem RPG ? when you need a really robust enclosurePrint

If you have a feeling that your device deserves a more rigid enclosure but ideally without substantial cost increase, you?re at the right place.

During the development of almost any device, sooner or later we face a question ? ?which enclosure should we use??. There are designers who initially develop a device into almost final form and then they search for a suitable enclosure. Or vice versa, there are developers, who initially choose the enclosure and the PCB of the device is then designed to fit the enclosure.

In praxis we perhaps most frequently meet the ?something in between? approach, i.e. in a certain development stage, we roughly already know how big the PCB of our device will be, what display, switches, connectors, ... shall be placed on enclosure and in this stage, we search for an appropriate enclosure.

Whether you go by any of the above mentioned methods, we have a very interesting family of robust aluminium enclosures aluEiN from company Raychem RPG for you. Series aluEiN contains 31 versions of various size ? from a miniature one (5x4,5x3 cm) up to relatively large (60x31x18 cm).

Rigid construction of aluminium (AlSi12) enclosures is mainly determined by their wall thickness of approx. min 4.5 mm. We believe that everyone who gets his hands on them will have a feeling that this enclosure can really withstand a lot. The great advantage of the thicker wall is that it easily enables to cut necessary threads, for example for reliable fastening of cable glands and similar.

Quality neoprene gasket sealing provides enclosures with IP 66 rating and withstands temperatures of -40 to +110?C. For a wider temperature range, it?s possible to equip enclosures with a silicone sealing (-50 to +135?C) and optionally also in IP67, 68 rating, as well as certified for Ex/IECEx.
Enclosures are painted with a resistant polyester colour from inside, as well as from outside. The great advantage for many applications is an easy possibility of grounding, as there are threads and screws (M6/M4) for grounding as well as for assembly of components in the lid and the bottom of enclosure.

Screws closing the enclosure are made of stainless steel and as usual ? openings for enclosure fixing are outside the enclosure sealing, so they will not affect tightness of the enclosure.
We can immediately supply several types in most desired sizes directly from our stock. In addition to these features, Raychem RPG enclosures are available at reasonable competitive prices.

Raychem RPG aluEiN catalogue will give you the basic overview and the detailed drawing can be found at every Raychem RPG enclosure.

n case of interest in any Raychem RPG products, please contact us at

- aluminium (AlSi12) enclosures for industrial usage
- robust construction with approx., 4.5mm thick walls
- neoprene sealing (-40...+110?C), IP66
- simple grounding of the lid and the bottom
- simple assembly of components into enclosure
- painted with resistant polyester coating (RAL7001)
- reasonable price